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See general Q&A below, which we trust answers most of your questions. If not, and you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your TOMRA Care contact.

Q: I purchase my lamps from an independent electrical wholesaler. Are they affected?

A: Yes, the supply is finite, and they will not have the huge TOMRA buffer stock, so eventually they will be unable to source, and supply you with the BLV USHIO lamps.

Q: I purchase my lamps from an independent electrical wholesaler. What should I do?

A: Contact them, and ensure you have capacity for immediate or medium term use.

Q: Can I get other types of GU5 lamps from other suppliers such as wholesalers, B&Q, Poundland etc.?

A: No. We have seen this for many years. Some will work for some applications, but have dramatic effects on quality and performance. Anyway all GU5 lamps are being phased out.

Q: Can I order a large quantity of lamps now to protect my stocks?

A: No. TOMRA has a sufficient supply for all customers. However, we need to ensure we manage our supplies so all our customers are protected. TOMRA has committed huge sums of money to protect our customers, and so we will not supply lamps to unknown people, who may try to corner the market by creating their own stocks.

Q: If my supplier cannot supply lamps can I now ask TOMRA?

A: TOMRA is committed to supporting all of our customers. If you have not purchased lamps for the last 12 months from TOMRA, we will ask you to advise us of current annual usage, to help us ensure we can support you.

Q: I have older units in storage, what about them if I want to use them?

A: That depends on when. All units can be upgraded to the new NIR light source in due course, otherwise existing lamps are still available.

Q: Do I need to upgrade my systems to the new AUTOSORT 4?

A: No!! The AS 4 is a very advanced NIR multipurpose scanning system, but your existing systems (providing they are serviced, and maintained) will continue to provide years of great service.

Q: So if TOMRA can support us going forward, what do I need to do?

A: It is really important that you advise your purchasing team, especially if you use independent lamp suppliers. You need to ensure they understand your current supplies will cease, and to avoid not having a supply of NIR lamps of the required specification. Ensure they understand there is not an alternative, or compatible GU5 lamp. I recommend you also advise your purchasing team to be wary of “alternatives” being offered by 3rd parties.