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Our integrated lighting system for unrivaled processing performance

Illuminating performance across numerous applications

FLYING BEAM™ technology animation

FLYING BEAM™ is a groundbreaking lighting system that enables fast and reliable material detection by our high precision near infrared (NIR) sensors. It guarantees a stable and homogenous light distribution that is beamed across the entire working width to ensure that all materials on the high-speed conveyor belt can be instantly classified. Its high-intensity lighting also enables multi-dimensional information to be extracted from materials, further boosting sorting performance.

The world-class illumination technology offers up to 80% energy savings and can process flammable materials safely compared to conventional lighting solutions. The integrated setup enclosed in the scanner box protects the lighting system from dust and dirt to ensure long-lasting performance and durability. What’s more, FLYING BEAM™ technology is exceptionally versatile and works with numerous applications and waste streams, including paper, plastics and municipal solid waste.

Homogenous illumination

FLYING BEAM™ guarantees a stable and constant detection of materials across the entire working width thanks to its light intensification and rotating mirror that allows sensors to detect various wavelengths. The integrated lighting system enables more information to be gathered and processed instantly for higher throughputs.

Low manteinance

FLYING BEAM™’s integrated setup protects the lighting system from dirt and unwanted setting adjustments. Unlike external lamps that require cleaning and repositioning, the lighting system is fixed inside the scanner box with easy accessibility for your team to change lamps when needed.

Ultra-energy efficient

Significantly reduce energy costs with one of the world’s most focused and efficient lighting systems.
Using only a minimum number of lamps, FLYING BEAM™ offers up to 80% energy savings compared to conventional floodlighting solutions and saves maintenance time.

Enhanced fire safety

Reduce the risk of fire with FLYING BEAM™ technology that processes easily flammable and lightweight materials like plastic foils. Our integrated design keeps the lighting system cool and lamps cleaner than external lighting solutions that generate heat. 

Real-time monitoring

To maintain peak sorting performance, lamps need to deliver consistent, high-quality light. FLYING BEAM™ actively monitors for light loss factors, detecting signal changes and automatically adapting the parameters of the material analysis process to ensure maximum quality output.