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We’re always looking to build strong relationships with suppliers and distributors across the globe. If you’re interested in partnering with a global leader in recycling technology and provide world-class machines and services in your region, it would be a pleasure to meet you.
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Realizing agile and efficient supply chains through collaborative teamwork

As a company with diversified operations around the world and operating with a high degree of care and integrity, we commit to doing business in an honest and respectful way when collaborating with suppliers across the value chain.

We make sure that contractual requirements are met and comply with all applicable law and regulations. In turn, we expect our suppliers to follow a similar approach in order to enable a transparent and fair conduct of business and maintain good reputation.

Purchasing Policy

Collaboration is key when it comes to realizing smooth operations and meeting business goals in a profitable and efficient way. We take this principle to heart and untiringly aim to exceed rather than meet our supplier’s expectations by offering high quality products and maintaining good and reliable long-term relationships – a prerequisite for successful businesses.

As collaboration is not one-dimensional, both parties have to comply with certain criteria enabling us to realize agile and efficient supply chains and realize maximum business value. Thus, we are looking for suppliers who:

  • Attach great importance to establishing and maintaining reliable long-term partnerships as much as we do
  • Provide high quality products priced in line with the respective market conditions
  • Deliver on time
  • Maintain regular communication flows and proactively share information on relevant updates (product, pricing, delivery etc.)
  • Embrace new technologies and digital approaches

Suppliers Business Principles

Our Suppliers Business Principles illustrates the way TOMRA operates on a global scale, the values we anchor in our daily work and state the requirements we ask our suppliers to comply with.

Becoming part of our network

Prior to starting collaboration, future suppliers have to undertake the following steps to qualify as a preferred partner:

1. Sign our NDA
2. Fill in our SAQ
3. Accept our Code of Conduct and Business Principles
4. Apply via Contact Form, here you can attach the signed documents

Once these steps are taken and the documents assessment is positive, we

5. Will send a Request for Quotation (RFQ)
6. Conduct an audit and request a first sample order to test the supplier’s product


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Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

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A supplier self-assessment questionnaire providing information for supplier assessment and selection

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HSE Policy for Contractors

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