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Sensor-based sorting solutions for maximum recovery

Make the most of secondary raw materials with our advanced optical sorting systems designed for waste recycling and metal recovery. We develop all sensors, mechanics, and software in-house for you to achieve the highest quality and maximum yields.

Developed in-house.
Delivered to the world.

We design flexible sorting solutions to meet your recycling requirements.

We automate the recovery of materials from scrap metal and waste streams, both effectively and efficiently. As a pioneer in resource recovery, our focus is on delivering the best sorting solution to optimize your recycling rates and reduce emissions.

You benefit from a partner with extensive know-how and sorting technology that can evolve with your operation. Because we develop our sorting units and software in-house, TOMRA sorting systems continuously improve to adapt to future requirements and changes in input materials flexibly.

Waste sorting products

autosort 5recycling machine
Autosort FLAKE sorter
INNOSORT FLAKE plastic recycler
autosort rdf
autosort speedair

Metal sorting products

autosort 5recycling machine

See our machines in action

  • Philipp Knopp, Product Manager TOMRA Recycling, explains the features of the new AUTOSORT™.  

  • Behind the sorting #7 - AUTOSORT™ at Masotina Spa

  • Today, Carol guides us to our Test Center in China and talks to Sandra, who explains the benefits AUTOSORT™ brings to Chinese customers and the applications it is mainly used for abroad. 

  • Meet high-quality requirements for waste wood recycling through sorting and purification with TOMRA X-TRACT™

Services and support

  • tomra recycling customer service

    Our focus is on you

    With recycling know-how and long-term partnerships, we ensure your system is always running at its best. Our global team of specialists are standing by 24/7 to provide first-class service and support.
    Discover tomra care
  • test center

    Challenge us with your material

    We love a good sorting challenge. Test material samples from your operation on our machines. Our sorting experts will help you find the best solution for your needs.
    Test with us

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