The ultimate solution for sorting carbon black plastics

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    Sharp material detection

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    Grain sizes from 25 to 120 mm

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    High throughput and purity

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    Easy installation

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    Low maintenance effort

Uncover the hidden value of black plastic sorting

For many years, recycling black plastics was challenging due to plastics made with carbon black pigments. Thanks to our AUTOSORT™ BLACK sorting system, the future of black plastic recycling is very promising. This unit is the ultimate solution to separate carbon-filled black plastics by polymer types.

Using MIR spectroscopy with the modified FLYING BEAM™ technology, the sorting system differentiates between black plastics such as black PE, black PP and PS. Moreover, with its optional electromagnetic sensor, the sorting machine detects and extracts metals and other contamination from the input stream.

Thanks to its robust construction, the high-throughput system instantly sorts objects from 25 to 120 mm in size. An off-belt detection system and sturdy design ensure maintenance efforts and downtimes are kept at a minimum.

With its enhanced resolution, AUTOSORT™ BLACK delivers high-purity results and creates tremendous value for recyclers.  

  • MIR spectrometer
  • Modified FLYING BEAM™
  • Electromagnetic metal detection (option)
  • TOMRA Insight (option)


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