X-TRACT™ for Wood

Powerful precision x-ray sorting of waste wood

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    Up to 30 metric ton capacity

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    16.000 hour warranty

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    New DUOLINE™ XRT sensor

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    Improved stability and reliability

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    High operational efficiency

Exceptional speed and accuracy in removing impurities from waste wood.

X-TRACT™ is a high throughput sorting solution to separate waste wood from complex mixed streams with a capacity of up to 30 metric tons per hour, depending on the material input.
Harnessing the power of dual energy x-ray transmission (XRT), the sorting system detects and separates wood from impurities like inert materials, metals, plastic and glass based on atomic density.

Every aspect of the X-TRACT™ sorting system has been developed in-house by our engineers and wood processing experts. With its new generation DUOLINE™ XRT sensor and AI-based software, you benefit from precise detection and increased stability for long-term performance. The sorting system also comes with a 16000-hour warranty on the x-ray source and sensor.

Featuring a powerful combination of cutting-edge sensors and robust mechanics, X-TRACT™ delivers high-performance results – even in the harshest environments. The machine’s unique top-down design protects the x-ray source from dust and dirt to prevent costly maintenance. It effortlessly handles composite materials and overlapping objects with its Dual Processing Technology, enabling operators to prioritize sorting for either high recovery or high purity yields.

With its 1000W x-ray power supply and Multi-Density Channel software to classify objects for high-speed processing, X-TRACT™ is the ideal solution for producing high-purity recycled wood content to meet industrial production standards. Wood processing, wood-based panel and furniture industries benefit from X-TRACT™ and TOMRA’s extensive expertise in waste wood sorting and recycling.

  • New generation DUOLINE™ XRT sensor
  • Dual Processing Technology
  • Multi-Density Channels
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