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Training Programs

TOMRA sorting systems have low susceptibility to faults. It is even lower if the customer can carry out basic maintenance. To this end, TOMRA Sorting offers specific TOMRA training programs.

The highest level of reliability of the TOMRA sorting systems can be achieved by basic maintenance by the customer and technical inspection by our service engineers. This partnership in particular ensures that the equipment is always adjusted to the highest level of performance.


  • Material flows and recyclable materials from them
  • How changes in the sorting result have a financial effect
  • Basic construction of the equipment and measuring systems
  • How the equipment operator can clean the system
  • What faults have a negative effect on the sorting result
  • Measures for personal safety (e.g. in the case of X-ray radiation)
  • Avoiding damage to the equipment
  • Using the software tools
  • Analyzing the fault log
  • Tips and tricks from the professionals