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Waste sorting systems

Explore our extensive range automated waste sorting solutions that enable the recovery and recycling of valuable resources for a circular economy. Our sensor-based sorting technology effectively boosts recycling rates across various applications and waste streams.
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The future of waste recycling, today.

We optimize waste streams and boost material recovery rates. 

With our best-in-class sorting systems, we help transform waste into valuable secondary resources. Sensor-based sorting technology is mission-critical to drastically reducing the dependency on primary raw materials and mitigating the environmental impact caused by landfills and incineration.

We partner with you to develop long-term solutions that recover plastics, metals, paper, organics, e-waste and other valuable materials discarded in waste streams. Whether single stream recycling or mixed waste sorting, we increase recycling rates and deliver high-quality recyclates for commercial use.

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Reject PP plastics


We help the world recycle plastics through sensor-based sorting systems that instantly detect and remove contaminants from all types of polymers.
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Municipal Solid Waste

By sorting recyclable and high-calorific materials from mixed waste streams, we transform waste into value while reducing landfill and incineration emissions.
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We enable circularity with advanced sorting technologies that effectively recover post-consumer packaging waste for recycling.
single stream

Single Stream Recycling

We make it easier for consumers and municipalities to recycle plastics, metals, paper and glass through our automated sorting technology.
commercial waste recycling film textiles

Commercial and Industrial Waste

We enable the cost-effective recovery of secondary raw materials from commercial, industrial and bulky waste.
Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and Demolition Waste

We help recyclers maximize the value of construction, demolition and excavation waste through automated sorting of materials for recycling.
RDF Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse-Derived Fuel

We enable the sustainable energy transition through automated sorting systems to deliver high purity refuse-derived fuel.
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Organic Waste

We help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sorting and purifying biodegradable waste to create feedstocks for compost and biogas.
textiles post consumer


We help recover recyclable fibers through sensor-based sorting technologies for industrial and post-consumer textile waste.
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We help industries conserve natural resources through sensor-based sorting systems that enable the recycling of waste wood.


We optimize paper recovery and recycling through sensor-based sorting systems that deliver high-quality raw material for paper and board manufacturing.

Explore our waste products

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The world-renowed AUTOSORT™ offers legendary sorting performance that stands the test of time, delivering unparalleled throughput and purity rates across numerous applications.


With a combination of our most powerful sensor technologies, AUTOSORT™ FLAKE offers consistent and exceptional sorting performance. Its high-speed valves eject even the smallest contaminates with maximum precision to meet extremely high purity requirements.


With a unique combination of sensor technologies and dual full color camera, INNOSORT™ FLAKE effectively removes undesired colors, polymers, and metals. Its modular design with working widths up to 2 meters delivers a running capacity to 6 metric tons per hour.   
autosort speedair


Utilizing laminar air flow to stabilize lightweight objects moving along a high-speed conveyor belt, AUTOSORT™ SPEEDAIR instantly identifies high-value materials and remove impurities. The closed-loop fan driven system delivers optimized air handling for lower installation and running costs.
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As a part of our complementary product portfolio, AUTOSORT™ CYBOT offers an innovative solution to automate sorting processes and improve quality control.
autosort rdf


As a world-class technology utilized to prepare substitute fuels, AUTOSORT™ RDF combines built-in machine intelligence and high precision sensors to analyze the overall combustibility of various waste streams.


Built on a long-standing legacy in diamond mining and metal sorting, X-TRACT™’s high-performance design combines machine intelligence with a reliable transmission (XRT) setup.