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Susann Preiss, Project Manager, gives insights in her daily work and shares the most curious situation which she experienced lately in her job.

19 April 2017

Q1: How would you describe your role at TOMRA Sorting, and what does it involve?

Susann: I’m responsible for technical project management at TOMRA Sorting. That means I handle customer projects from the sale of a machine, or a batch of machines, to the customer right through to the final commissioning and acceptance of the order. That’s always something of an interdisciplinary task because I act as an interface between the customer and our internal departments for all electrical, mechanical, process engineering, and service questions.

Q2: What motivated you to take this career path?

Susann: My education and training involved a lot of process engineering and material processing, which means my background is a good match for my job here at TOMRA. After starting in the recycling business, it became so fascinating and exciting to me that I really wanted to stay in the industry.

Q3: What does your average work day look like?

Susann: The great thing is that every day really can be very different. An average work day could start in the office, handling customer requests, checking plant layout drawings, planning services for installation and commissioning, and checking the production status of different machines. Then again, another average day could start off on site with a customer, either for a technical meeting prior to the delivery of our scope of supply or to perform an acceptance test on new equipment.

Q4: What do you like most about your job?

Susann: What I enjoy most of all in this job is the variety. No two days are ever the same, and every day brings me a fresh round of challenging tasks. The customer contact is another special feature which is very important to me. Meeting lots of different people within the recycling business is always a fascinating and exciting experience.

Q5: What has been the most curious situation you have experienced lately?

Susann: The most curious situation is always what happens when a big project with up to 20 machines is finally installed and the customer pushes the button to start the plant for the first time. This is always a thrilling moment when you finally see the results of all the work you have done to get to that moment.