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All the world’s a stage

28 November 2018

tomra leads

Showcasing TOMRA around the world

TOMRA has been as busy as ever in recent months showing the world its sorting solutions, participating in seven exhibitions and conferences since this summer. At the Australian Waste & Recycling Expo (AWRE) in Sydney, TOMRA showcased its comprehensive plastic recycling solutions. In Düsseldorf, Germany, Aluminium 2018 was an opportunity to explain how X-TRACT and LIBS technologies can help increase the worldwide supply of aluminium and enhance sustainability. At E-Scrap 2018 in New Orleans, USA, TOMRA highlighted how COMBISENSE and the new FINDER LOD technology can help electronics recyclers improve product purity. Also in the USA, at the Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference in Chicago, TOMRA showcased the new AUTOSORT LOD and SHARP EYE technologies. AUTOSORT LOD and SHARP EYE were also highlighted at the Recycling Congress 2018 in the Netherlands, at Pollutec in France - which focused on the pressing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans – and at Ecomondo, the leading green technologies exposition held in Italy. Also at Ecomondo, TOMRA presented a book about recycling end-of-life vehicles.

TOMRA Leads are going global

The TOMRA Leads conferences have been extended for the first time beyond Europe. TOMRA staged an event in Japan in October and another in Brazil in December, bringing together experts to share insights into global and regional trends in recycling and screening.

The ‘TOMRA LEADS’ title reflects the brand’s dual roles as an international market-leader and thought-leader. The Japanese conference adopted the theme ‘Recycling Future and Prospects,’ the Brazilian event focused on a market overview, the circular economy and New Plastics Economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation also chose the Brazilian event, in São Paulo, to launch the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to eliminate plastic waste at source. Both conferences were well attended by representatives of organizations, businesses at the cutting-edge of recycling solutions and members of the media.

Conferences of this type are growing in importance because knowledge-sharing can help tackle the global problems posed by waste. As the world’s population increases - and as millions more people in developing nations gain the living standards of the throw-away ‘consumer society’ - more and more waste will be discharged into landfill, incinerators, and the oceans. Higher rates of recycling are needed, and fast.

Speaking to the conference audience in Japan, Tom Eng, Senior Vice President and Head of TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Recycling, said: “Planet Earth needs us all to adopt a circular economy as quickly as we can, but at present only a small amount of our waste is recycled. To change this, it is essential to face the problem, and face it together.”