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TOMRA’s E-books provide free expert advice

Expert advice shared in free E-books 

31 August 2018



TOMRA Sorting Recycling has begun publishing a series of E-books, available online and downloadable free-of-charge, which share expert advice on how to meet some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

The first E-book - accessible now at - addresses widespread concerns about the tough new National Sword rules for sending recyclable materials to China. National Sword requires much recyclable material arriving in China to have purity levels greater than 99.5 percent. This is such a significant increase over the 90-95 percent purity levels previously accepted that it is a daunting prospect - but the E-book suggests solutions with the encouraging title ‘National Sword – No Need for Fear!’

The second E-book in the series will look at de-inking. There are increasing commercial and regulatory pressures for higher recovery rates when recycling print products, and already these must be subjected to a high level of de-inking before gaining certification from standards such as the EU Ecolabel and Germany’s Blue Angel. TOMRA’s E-book will explain how the company’s new technologies are achieving unrivalled recovery rates in excess of 90% and sometimes as high as 96 percent. This will be available for downloading within the next few weeks.