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From the beginning, TOMRA Sorting has invested substantially in developing sorting technology geared to the needs of a changing world. Our commitment to serving our customers, while discovering new ways to protect our resources, has never been more important. Join us.

TOMRA Sorting provides more than just a machine off the shelf: our expert engineers in the field of recycling understand the complex nature of processing raw waste and metal material. To ensure that the right solutions are in place to achieve the highest possible recovery and purity rates, TOMRA Sorting representatives work closely with customers and their integrators at the very earliest planning stages. Our industry experience is our customers’ advantage.

Recycling Benefits

1 Increased Revenue

  • High recovery rates
  • High purity level
  • Consistent quality and performance
  • New business fields

2 Cost savings

  • Up to 75% less personnel costs
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Low space requirements
  • Adaptable to sorting tasks

3 Societal Benefits

  • Less material in landfills
  • Less mining of primary resources
  • Less environmental pollution