AI-powered sorting system with deep learning technology 

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    AI waste sorting

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    Identifies hard-to-classify objects

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    Enables new material streams

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    Automates manual sorting

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    Wide application ecosystem

High accuracy sorting of multiple material streams with deep learning technology.

GAINnext™ maximizes the recovery and purity levels of valuable materials for recycling. Its AI-based visual classification identifies thousands of objects in milliseconds, offering high-throughput processing with up to 2000 ejections per minute, depending on the application.

Thanks to its integrated deep learning software, GAINnext™ identifies hard-to-classify objects, reducing the need for manual sorting. The system automates complex tasks that cannot be achieved with traditional optical waste sorting. The intelligent system also classifies overlapping objects and calculates trajectory positioning for high-precision sorting. 

GAINnext™ makes it possible to process multiple material streams on a single sorting line. The future-proof, adaptive technology can be easily optimized with network connectivity to continually improve performance and reduce downtime. Cloud-based monitoring and digital application services are optionally available with TOMRA Insight.

  • Deep learning technology
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • High-resolution color camera
  • Software upgradability
  • TOMRA Insight (optional)
  • Waste analyzer (optional)

AUTOSORT™ with GAINnext™  

Achieve new heights in sorting accuracy with GAINnext™ – a complementary technology to our world-class AUTOSORT™ machine.
This intelligent sorting system combines sensor-based material identification and AI-based object recognition for outstanding performance.

With its integrated sensor data and deep learning algorithms, recyclers benefit from even higher purity results. 
More applications in development.


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    Deep Learning

    TOMRA’s deep learning technology is built on artificial neural networks that our in-house software engineers and recycling experts have trained.

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