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Why deinking needs re-thinking

28 April 2021

E-Book De-inking Newsletter

Free E-book reveals how to improve deinking recycling rates

TOMRA Sorting Recycling has published an e-book providing advice for businesses who sort paper and cardboard for deinking and recycling. The new online publication, downloadable free-of-charge, addresses the need for higher recovery rates of deinked pulp and introduces a new solution.

Current supplies of deinked and recycled paper are insufficient to meet demand, and that demand is growing. But as TOMRA’s e-book reports, more can be done. Whereas paper fibres are recycled 3.6 times on average in Europe, in the rest of the world the average is only 2.4 times. One solution is to improve the sorting of materials suitable for deinking - and now TOMRA has made improvements possible.

This has been achieved by calibrating TOMRA’s SHARP EYE technology – which uses a new optical sensor for higher light intensity – to identify materials suitable for deinking. Combining the AUTOSORT machine with SHARP EYE enables recovery rates of recyclable paper as high as 96% with just one step, whereas previously a two-step process was needed to achieve rates above 90%.

Click here to download the new e-book.