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We help industries conserve natural resources through sensor-based sorting systems that enable the recycling of waste wood.

Waste wood sorting systems

Wood is a high performance and versatile raw material used in building, construction, furniture, paper, automotive interiors and renewable energy. Today, only 15 percent of the 16 million metric tons of waste wood created annually worldwide is recycled. With conventional methods, premium wood grades are downcycled or used as biomass fuel for energy.

Our deep learning-based sorting technology is a gamechanger in separating untreated wood from impurities. By sorting solid wood from wood-based materials (chipboard, plywood, MDF) into individual fractions, waste wood can be optimally recycled into new products. As the first in the market to offer deep learning to enable the material recycling of waste wood, our sorting technology helps you create new high-value revenue streams.

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Wood chips

Automated sensor-based sorting systems can effectively recover wood waste from separate collections, municipal solid waste and industrial waste streams. Removing impurities like inert materials, metals and glass with x-ray transmission (XRT) sorting units deliver outstanding purity levels for secondary raw materials.

As the world's first sorting system to use deep learning technology to detect and separate wood types, we help you produce high purity Wood A (non-processed wood) and Wood B (processed wood composites) fractions. With our sorting technology, you can efficiently sort clean wood from engineered wood composites regardless of the infeed stream.
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Wood A vs Wood B & MDF Separation

Our groundbreaking combination of high precision sensors and deep learning technology enables unrivaled grading and sorting of Wood A from Wood B. Previously difficult to detect materials like engineered wood composites can now be identified, analyzed and sorted from the product stream, giving operators increased process control and high purity yields.

Medium-density fiberboards (MDF) can also be effectively separated with our waste wood sorting systems, ensuring the cascading use of this material in applications such as packaging. Our robust and flexible sorting systems are designed to meet your requirements, whether creating a clean, non-processed wood or high purity wood composite fractions.

Wood sorting machines

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