TOMRA’s AUTOSORT® installed at Earthtechnica’s test center in Japan

TOMRA Recycling, the leading global sensor-based sorting system manufacturer, has announced the installation of its new AUTOSORT® in the Yachiyo Technical Center of EarthTechnica Co. Ltd, an authorized dealer of TOMRA Recycling.
test center tomra recycling japan
AUTOSORT® combines the latest technologies such as the patented FLYING BEAM® and DEEP LAISER® technology. The machine’s illumination unit, FLYING BEAM®, is positioned inside the scanner, thus protected from external influences, and ensures a homogenous light distribution across conveyor belts of up to 2,800 mm width. Another outstanding optional technology is DEEP LAISER®, which uses smart recognition to distinguish between two overlapping objects, enabling object-based recognition even at high throughputs.

Also, an integral part of the sorting unit is its SHARP EYE that identifies critical chemical property differences and even the finest molecular differences in materials. Thanks to its higher light density and point-scanning systems, SHARP EYE not only separates single-layer PET trays from bottles, but also sorts mixed PET into different polymer types. Since its launch, the new AUTOSORT® has been evaluated highly, leading to its adoption worldwide, especially in Europe.

AUTOSORT® is a versatile product that can handle a wide range of applications, such as identifying in homogenous
plastics fractions, wood waste, paper, stone, and metal. The flexibility and upgradeability of the technology allow it to respond to complex and changing market and customer requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. TOMRA Recycling expects an increase in demand from more diverse industries.

With the installation of the latest AUTOSORT® in the Test Center of TOMRA’s distributor EarthTechnica in Japan, existing as well as future customers can reap various benefits:

  • Testing their own material on the most-advanced sorting solutions before making an investment
  • Identifying the best machine setting together with a TOMRA technician/engineer
  • Developing innovative workflows maximizing operational productivity based on the analysis of the tests

Reduced travel costs: previously, Japanese customers had to ship their waste to Germany to test their materials on the new generation AUTOSORT®. Now, they can see their waste being processed by the latest machine and don’t need to travel oversea.

Focusing on customer experience, TOMRA provides videos of the tests in case a customer cannot join personally. As a company contributing to the acceleration of a circular economy through both technological innovations and cross-value chain collaborations, TOMRA Recycling will further strengthen its more than 20 years of partnership with EarthTechnica and support its customers’ businesses with cutting-edge sensor-based sorting solutions and consultancy.