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TOMRA's Artificial Intelligence pushes the boundaries of automated sorting and quality control!

With nearly 85,000 systems installed in eighty countries, the TOMRA Group is the world leader in intelligent sensor systems for waste sorting. TOMRA is also the leader in the French market of automated sorting, with 900 machines in service. And this is not a coincidence.

31 January 2018

At the origin of the first collector for returnable bottles, and as the inventor of the high-performance near-infrared (NIR) sensor for waste sorting applications, TOMRA is today a logical leader in the world of intelligent sensor systems for the recovery of waste.


With 20% of its workforce dedicated to R & D and more than 80 patents filed since its inception, TOMRA's technologies are always at the forefront of innovation.

After making it possible to sort single-layer PET trays using a new material recognition sensor, TOMRA unveils a new option for its core product AUTOSORT: laser object detection. The intelligent use of laser technology now makes visible the invisible and can separate objects based on their shape. Black objects that could not be detected by existing technologies can now be sorted out. Moreover, shape detection coupled with these high-performance material recognition sensors introduce to a new era for sorting and revolutionizes quality control in sorting plants. The unwanted objects, such as silicone cartridges in a plastics stream are automatically removed before the conditioning of the materials.

Artificial intelligence embedded in TOMRA systems also enables seamless analysis of sorted products, making the future plants even smarter. A presence of films in a stream of rigid plastics will thus be automatically detected and processed.

All these technological breakthroughs developped by TOMRA in packaging sorting come from its know-how and the success of its seamless RDF analyzers. These continuously analyze the RDF quality by providing chlorine levels, LHV and moisture content. All these valuable data enable RDF producers to anticipate the best decisions to ensure optimal product quality.


The vocation of TOMRA, "to create smart sensor solutions for optimal resource productivity", reflects the spirit in which our group places itself at the service of communities and recycling professionals: by offering them equipment with proven reliability , with recognized efficiency and offering a fast and guaranteed return on investment thanks to a mastered innovation. The result: Improved performance and upgrading while reducing costs and carbon footprint.

This is how TOMRA leads, with you, the revolution of the resource!