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PRS 2017: How TOMRA is helping to develop the Circular Economy

TOMRA is very much looking forward to attending the PRS Plastics Recycling Show Europe, a Pan-European exhibition and conference for plastics recycling professionals. This key industry event, which has received strong support from the plastics recycling sector, will take place at RAI Amsterdam in The Netherlands on 29-30 March, 2017.

22 February 2017

Having developed some of the industry’s most trusted collection and sorting technologies, TOMRA has a wealth of experience to share, and staff will be available throughout the event at stands C30 and C34 to exchange ideas and explain how trusted partnerships can not only create a better environment but better business opportunities, too.

Though the huge consumption of plastics and the consequent accumulation of plastic waste undoubtedly rank among the most challenging issues of our time, TOMRA is keen to highlight the current range of effective technical solutions that can be deployed to facilitate re-use and closed-loop recycling. PRS will thus be an ideal opportunity to present contemporary concepts and technologies that are designed to tackle these challenges and fully aligned with the paradigm of a circular economy.

Some of TOMRA’s contributions to global sustainability include: conceptualizing refillable and single-trip deposit systems for beverage packaging, successfully addressing the sorting of multi-format waste streams, plus many years’ experience installing waste management systems across the world. Such initiatives have enhanced many successful projects and, depending where you are in the process, TOMRA can offer solutions for the collection and sorting of valuable plastics throughout the value chain.

Looking at the collection of plastic waste, TOMRA Collection Solutions will present a selection of reverse vending and compaction solutions at PRS. This will include a live demonstration showcasing the innovative T-9 –, which comes equipped with TOMRA Flow Technology™ – the world's first 360-degree instant recognition system in reverse vending machines. TOMRA’s approach goes beyond the basics of 360° recognition. Flow Technology’s smart anti-fraud features ensure industry-leading security and accuracy, and help defend the integrity of the recycling system.

In the field of plastics recycling, TOMRA Sorting Solutions can offer an array of high-quality plastic-sorting solutions for handling plastic materials. Applications cover all kind of plastics combined with any color, such as transparent polypropylene (PP), white PP, blue PET, red HPDPE or green LDPE film. Subject to task-specific variables, sorting process outcomes deliver consistent results and outstanding high-end qualities of up to 99.99%.

Commenting upon what potential customers can expect from TOMRA, Frédéric Durand, Plastics Sorting Expert at TOMRA said: “We are happy to discuss any individual project at PRS, along the whole process from collection to sorting up to a final plastic product made from recycled material. The technology itself is just one important part of what makes a good plastic recycling solution. Our extensive experience and understanding of applications, coupled with our comprehensive and integrated service approach, offer our customers a practical, well-rounded package that guarantees optimal performance.”

Addressing the industry landscape more broadly, Rene Hissink, Senior Vice-President Western and Southern Europe TOMRA Collection added: “In order to achieve a true circular economy, the interplay between governments, businesses and the environmental sector is key. So, proper legislation reinforced by state-of-the-art technological solutions supporting the conservation of precious resources are inevitable and essential. PRS 2017 is the ideal platform to bring together experts and partners from different sectors and regions of the world to network and discuss integrated concepts that lead to long-term sustainable solutions, benefiting businesses and the environment.”