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Take 3 For The Sea has a simple solution to marine litter that’s taken the world by storm

Sydney, AUSTRALIA: Three Australian surfers and environmentalists Roberta Dixon-Valk, Amanda Marechal and Tim Silverwood were frustrated with how much plastic litter they saw when visiting the beach. So they came up with a simple idea for how people could make a difference to the amount of plastic pollution ending up in the oceans. 

24 August 2018


The mission of Take 3, it’s pretty clear – we want to stop and solve plastic pollution. It’s so wonderful to have an organization like TOMRA as a partner who are perfectly aligned to our mission.

Tim Silverwood, Co-Founder, Take 3 For The Sea




Founded in 2010, Take 3 For The Sea’s mission is clear and simple: to prevent and solve plastic pollution by encouraging people to pick up three pieces of rubbish when they are at the beach. Today, millions of people have adopted this very valuable but under-appreciated action of just picking up a few bits of trash that they didn’t put there, every time they are in our outdoor environment. 


At first focusing on getting out their message to the local surfing community, Take 3 For The Sea started small but has now become a global movement. There is growing awareness of the plastic pollution problem, and it is that awareness that’s necessary to bring about significant changes - in both human habits and results for the planet. Take 3 For The Sea seek to share information and education that inspires action, especially among young people. The organization seeks to reach out to people and help them realize the negative consequences of litter, and to make a change to their behavior. 

Take 3 For The Sea have had a series of positive achievements over the years. They created the hashtag #take3forthesea which has been applied in 129 countries around the world. Co-Founder Tim Silverwood held a TEDx talk on the issue and shared the Take 3 message in Washington DC, in the State Department, and the organization has a partnership with the World Surf League and TOMRA to help raise awareness of marine litter and plastic pollution. 

“It’s incredibly uplifting, it’s incredibly empowering, to know that through the hard work, commitment, determination of this core team of people within Take 3, we’ve been able to have such a profound impact on the environment,” says Tim Silverwood, Ex-Co-Founder of Take 3 For The Sea. 

TOMRA and Take 3 for the Sea have worked closely together since Australia’s first container deposit scheme launched in New South Wales in December 2017, and continue to do so. TOMRA shares a common goal with Take 3 – to reduce the amount of damaging plastic pollution finding its way into our parks, our rivers and our oceans, as well as into landfill. Since the scheme started, the percentage of all drink containers sold in New South Wales that are now recycled has grown from 32% to almost 70% (as at September 2020).