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TOMRA Circular Economy Division

Supporting our vision of leading the resource revolution, in 2019 TOMRA created a new division focused specifically on the goal of empowering people and business to transform to a circular economy and close the loop for post-consumer waste. 

Volker Rehrmann, TOMRA EVP and Head of Circular Economy Division"Our new TOMRA Circular Economy Division will help people and business to close the loop for post-consumer waste and transform a linear into a circular economy. But it requires investment from industry, government and consumers. In this spirit, TOMRA's major task is to collaborate and educate along the value chain as an impact leader that provides sustainable solutions and knowledge to end plastic waste." 
--Volker Rehrmann, TOMRA Executive Vice President Circular Economy.


Since the founding of our company in 1972, TOMRA has been a pioneering force in the development of solutions that support the circular economy. And with the formation of our new Circular Economy Division, we are now committed more than ever on playing a significant role in helping to build successful circular economy frameworks worldwide.   

TOMRA's Circular Economy Division was formed from key internal resources with extensive experience within our Reverse Vending and Recycling business areas, led by Volker Rehrmann. The core team currently consists of 20 full-time employees based in Europe and Asia, with additional associated resources assisting from throughout the worldwide TOMRA network.



Our Key commitments


  • European Plastics Pact: TOMRA, together with 65 other companies and 15 governments, signed this important pact on March 6, 2020 that seeks to accelerate the shift toward the reuse and recycling of single-use plastic products and packaging.
  • Our Oceans Conference 2019: Enable the recycling value chain to increase collection of post-consumer packaging waste from 14% in 2020 to 40% by 2030 and to enable closed-loop recycling for post-consumer plastic packaging from 2% in 2020 to 30% by 2030.
  • New Plastics Economy Global Commitment 2018 by Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Together with several hundred businesses, TOMRA has committed to eliminating problematic plastic packaging, and increase the use of recycled plastic in packaging by more than five-fold by 2025, equivalent to keeping 25 million barrels of oil in the ground every year.
  • Circular Plastics Alliance 2019 by the European Commission: TOMRA signed the declaration – together with over 100 signatories – to use 10 million tons of recycled plastic in new products by 2025.



    Our key Contributions


    • Providing leading technology to customers and partners

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    • Leading change through active partnerships

     TOMRA Circular Economy partnerships

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    • Extending expertise and advice

     TOMRA Circular Economy government collaborations


    • Expanding knowledge and innovation with research initiatives

     TOMRA Circular Economy research initiative partners