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TOMRA Circular Economy Division

Supporting our vision of leading the resource revolution, TOMRA's Circular Economy Division has been established to accelerate the transformation to a circular economy and shape future waste and resource systems. By empowering people and business to move to a circular economy, we will play a key role in closing the loop for post-consumer waste. 

Volker Rehrmann, TOMRA EVP and Head of Circular Economy Division"Our TOMRA Circular Economy Division will help people and business to close the loop for post-consumer waste and transform a linear into a circular economy. But it requires investment from industry, government and consumers. In this spirit, TOMRA's major task is to collaborate and educate along the value chain as an impact leader that provides sustainable solutions and knowledge to end plastic waste." 
--Volker Rehrmann, TOMRA Executive Vice President Circular Economy.


Since the founding of our company in 1972, TOMRA has been a pioneering force in the development of solutions that support the circular economy. And with the formation of our Circular Economy Division, we are now committed more than ever on playing a significant role in helping to build successful circular economy frameworks worldwide.   

TOMRA's Circular Economy Division was formed from key internal resources with extensive experience within our Reverse Vending and Recycling business areas, led by Volker Rehrmann. Currently we have a team of 20 employees who focus on delivering a holistic waste management system, applicable glocally. This holistic system has the potential to reduce global annual CO2 emissions by 2.5 billion tonnes, as well as getting a hold on environmental litter.


Cover of TOMRA whitepaper 'Resource Recovery Playbook' Resource Recovery Playbook

A white paper released by TOMRA Circular Economy examining the current challenges, projections for 2030, and opportunities that can positively impact the environment, economic development and the health of every human in the world.

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Our commitment

We will strive for a world where, by 2030:

  • 40% of post-consumer plastic packaging is collected for recycling
  • Closed-loop recycling of 30% of post-consumer plastic packaging is achieved


We believe

  • The circular future holds great opportunities for many industries and society
  • Co-creation, sharing of knowledge and new partnerships are vital for circularity
  • We must lead by example


Our aspiration

System - establish TOMRA's holistic model for local implementation globallyCommercial - create a closed loop market for recyclatesOperational - make circular economy a global topicInnovation - explore optimization & digitalization of waste collectionCollaboration - engage with industry, NGOs, legislative bodies, consumers etc.


Our key Contributions


  • Providing leading technology to customers and partners

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  • Leading change through active partnerships

 TOMRA Circular Economy partnerships

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  • Extending expertise and advice

 TOMRA Circular Economy government collaborations


  • Expanding knowledge and innovation with research initiatives

 TOMRA Circular Economy research initiative partners