Metallic Ores

Our sorting solutions gives you the benefit of increasing the value of your Metallic Ore applications.

The future of Metallic ore sorting, today.

We optimize sorting streams and boost ore recovery rates. 

TOMRA’s Metallic ore sorting technology has been specifically developed for high capacity, high accuracy mining applications. Our products are individually tailored and can be seamlessly integrated into existing mining processes.

TOMRA sorters can be used to create a DSO grade product from low-grade Metallic Ore in a single or multi-stage process. Predefined sorting programs enable users to change cut-points in seconds. Material can be re-fed back through the same sorter for a cleaning or scavenging stage if required. 

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Metallic Ore applications


Mt Cattlin mine, Australia

The Mt Cattlin mine operation faces a challenge typical of lithium mines: Dealing with basalt contamination. Due to its high density - similar to that of spodumene - this high-iron, barren material is also concentrated by the DMS, contaminating the final product.

From the first day of operating the TOMRA PRO Secondary LASER sorter, the machine has exceeded expectations. The target is to have less than 4% basalt in the product when it comes out of the TOMRA sorter and it has been consistently below this mark.

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