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TOMRA T9 with MultiPac

Say hello to high volume

  • Designed for medium to large stores

  • Accept cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and crates

  • Up to 60 containers / 21 crates per minute 

  • Modular system: choose from 2 to 7 cabinets

The TOMRA T9 brings you the most efficient single-feed reverse vending experience, combined with MultiPac: a highly efficient backroom solution for beverage containers and crates.

The system is designed to maximize uptime and user-friendliness, allowing store personnel to spend more time on other important tasks, and for your customers to return their empties more quickly and begin shopping.

Two recycling stations are connected to a single backroom unit which can be configured to meet your needs, and even changed and updated as your needs. 
  • Modular reverse vending system
  • Powered with TOMRA Flow™
  • Fully compatible with the TOMRA Digital Solutions

The TOMRA T9 Bottle Crate with MultiPac

Table with raiser

End-of-lane configuration kit

Backrooms (3)

Up to 7 cabinets


Short (no crate), medium or long tunnel (for crates)

Roller conveyor

Crate unit (2)

Also available without crate unit

Rubber curtain


Door (2)

Infeed opening

Display (2)

Displays per (MultiPac) system

Say hello to high volume

  • lady using t9 with crates

    The most efficient single- feed in the market

    With two T9 recycling stations, your store will double the number of customers you serve at once.
  • t-9 bottle on conveyo

    Go ahead, turn up the volume

    Accepts most containers and crates of any single- feed before emptying a bin. TOMRA Flow™ ensures a quick-moving input stream, with recognition of up to 60 containers per minute and the MultiPac offers up to 7 cabinets for the largest storage capacity available.
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    Achieve downtime-free operations

    Dual lines and a smart bin re-routing system keep the T9 with MultiPac always running, even during bin exchange or service. With fewer components and intuitive interfaces, cleaning is done faster than ever.
  • t9 mup back

    Made to order just for your store

    Each T9 MultiPac is made to order to suit your store and customers. We can always update your mix of recyclables or even expand your capacity. TOMRA systems are flexible and scalable, so if your needs change, the system can be easily adapted, making it a great long-term investment. 

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Digital Solutions & Service

  • Store employee smiling and showing a pad screen where it can be seen a TOMRA Digital tool

    TOMRA Digital Solutions

    A whole new level of benefit that’s already included in your investment. TOMRA’s Digital tools and APIs make your recycling program work even harder for your store, without costing you a thing. Connect with your TOMRA reverse vending machine!
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  • TOMRA service tool kit

    TOMRA Service

    Ensure peace of mind for store colleagues. Our remote tools and network of service technicians keep your reverse vending equipment working hard for your business.
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