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At TOMRA, transformation is at the heart of everything we do. We transform ideas and technology to create intelligent and pioneering tools. Through collaboration and partnership we turn complex challenges into valuable solutions, and transform companies into more profitable, sustainable businesses.

TOMRA highlights

plastic waste washing ashore
Feature article

Getting to zero: How ambitious recycling targets can combat global plastic pollution

Today, only 9% of plastic finds its way back into the production cycle after it has been thrown away — a far cry from the target the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive has set (50% of plastic to be recycled by 2025 and 55% by 2030). In anticipation of the third round of negotiations for the UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution, where delegates from around the world will gather in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss the terms of the Treaty, TOMRA has published 10 recommendations for consideration.

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TOMRA receives Norway

TOMRA named Norway’s Most Innovative Business 2022-23 by InnoMag

InnoMag, in collaboration with Computerworld, names the top 25 Norwegian companies that are best-in-class in innovation.

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TOMRA President and CEO Tove Andersen at the UN office in Vietnam

TOMRA CEO Tove Andersen participates in NPAP Plastic Talks panel

TOMRA was invited to the National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) Plastic Talks in Ha Noi, Vietnam. The company's CEO and President, Tove Andersen, took part in a panel discussion with industry representatives to discuss the UN's Global Plastic Treaty.

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Game-changing sorters are fighting the threat of toxic weeds in green vegetables

Toxic datura and nightshade weeds are more often harvested with crops such as green beans and baby leaf spinach, with the risk of getting into the final product. However, an advanced sorting technology is proving to be a game-changer. Jacob Hobbel, TOMRA Food’s Global Category Director for Vegetables & Fruits, explains how to mitigate this risk.

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Our solutions

  • Collection Resource Hero

    Collection and reverse vending

    Transforming society's habits to keep valuable resources in a continuous loop of use and reuse.
    Reverse Vending
  • TOMRA Food Every Resource Counts


    Transforming global food production to maximize food safety and minimize food loss by making sure every resource counts.
  • Recycling PP

    Waste and metal recycling

    Transforming resource recovery through advanced waste and metals sorting that turns waste into value.
    Waste & metal recycling
  • Diamonds


    Transforming the way we process our essential natural resources to maximize recovery and minimize our ecological footprint.