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Flexible Line

Medium to high volume, modular reverse vending systems for medium and large stores that require a tailormade recycling solution with greater storage capacity.

Each system is tailor-made for your store’s layout, volume and mix of recyclables. We can update your system at any time so your RVM serves you well over the long term, even as your needs evolve.

Product range



TOMRA T9 with MultiPac

This answer to high volume can do double duty. Accept containers from two customers at once with a single backroom unit, and seamlessly handle a steady stream of containers with our most efficient single-feed RVM.

TOMRA T9 with the new EasyPac

The most flexible way to meet your high-volume needs. The T9 with the new EasyPac can be configured for maximum space efficiency while delivering a fast and easy recycling experience to a steady stream of happy customers.