TOMRA's food sorting equipment

TOMRA’s advanced sorting machines inspect millions of individual product pieces per hour, typically recovering 5-10% through higher yields and better utilization.

That's equivalent to approximately 25,000 trucks of potatoes per year!

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TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers the widest range of sensor-based food sorting machines available in the food industry today.

TOMRA offers sorting equipment for a multitude of food applications, from fresh whole products to processed food, from farm to fork.

Food sorting in action



  • Maximize yield and recovery, while reducing waste
  • Minimize energy and chemical usage
  • Increase productivity and throughput with high capacity sorting
  • Provide consistent high quality food assurance
  • Provide consumer food safety assurance

TOMRA’s food sorting machines are not just the most efficient way to sort your product; they are also a smart way to invest in your business.

TOMRA’s food sorting solutions boost your processing capacity and availability while at the same time increasing your profit, yield, quality and food safety!

From optimized product handling to ease of maintenance, TOMRA always has the big picture in mind, as well as the smallest detail.

TOMRA understands that sorting food isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. This is why TOMRA tailors its approach to your needs.

Browse through TOMRA’s food sorting machines and discover a food sorting solution for your product!

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The names of all TOMRA’s food sorting machines will no longer contain the names ODENBERG and BEST Sorting, but are integrated into one TOMRA brand.

The formerly two prominent and respected names ODENBERG and BEST Sorting, live now further in TOMRA.

  • Blizzard

    The Blizzard free fall pulsed LED camera sorting machine is the most ideal and cost effective optical food sorting machine for the IQF (frozen) vegetable and fruit processing industry.

    See All Blizzard
  • Felix

    The Felix pre-sorter is an extremely cost effective way for removing large defects and foreign material from green beans and carrots.

    See All Felix
  • FPS

    The Field Potato Sorter, FPS, is a sensor based food sorting machine for unwashed potatoes, removing soil clods, stones and foreign material.

    See All FPS
  • Genius™

    The Genius™ optical belt sorting machine uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the food industry and individual food processors.

    See All Genius™
  • Halo

    The Halo is a sensor based optical food sorting solution for many fruits and vegetables. The Halo is a high-performance machine sorting on size and quality, thus ensuring and improving food safety.

    See All Halo
  • Helius™

    The Helius™ free-fall sorting machine provides an optical sorting solution for a huge amount of food applications. Dry product processors benefit from TOMRA's Helius™P sorter, specialised in sorting free flowing dry products such as seeds, rice, nuts, grains and many more.

    See All Helius™
  • Iris II

    The Iris II is a high-tech sensor based optical food sorting solution for sorting/grading diced and different food products such as peach halves, pear halves, whole/diced tomatoes and peppers.

    See All Iris II
  • Ixus™Bulk

    By implementing the latest x-ray and imaging software technology, metal, stones, pits, glass, high density plastics, etc. from food is removed.

    See All Ixus™Bulk
  • NFM

    The NFM field sorting machine is a robust and reliable harvester mounted sorter which performs effective color and foreign material sorting.

    See All NFM
  • Nimbus

    With a combination of various sorting technologies, the Nimbus free fall sorting machine is the answer to the continuously high requirements of the food industry and individual processors.

    See All Nimbus
  • Nimbus BSI

    The Nimbus BSI is a real breakthrough for nuts and raisin processors.

    See All Nimbus BSI
  • Opus

    The Opus free-fall camera/laser sorting machine is an optical food sorting solution for IQF (frozen) fruit and vegetable processors.

    See All Opus
  • Primus™

    The Primus™ optical food sorting machine is a highly efficient and fully automated optical food sorter for all kinds of berries and olives with quick payback for the removal of soft, discoloured products and foreign material.

    See All Primus™
  • Sentinel II

    The Sentinel II optical sorter is designed for sorting many food applications and will typically be found in the tomato, peach and potato processing industry. Using the latest in illumination and detection technology Sentinel II outshines its competitors in terms of sorting efficiency, capacity, technical specification and durability. Sentinel II boosts the highest throughput to machine width ratio in the industry!

    See All Sentinel II
  • Titan II

    The Titan II optical food sorter is a performance machine to grade/sort on quality, size and food safety. It is a low cost ownership machine for fruit packers and fruit processors, built to last. The Titan II is proven worldwide with hundreds of installations.

    See All Titan II
  • Zea

    The ZEA is a sensor based food sorting machine for seed corn producers to sort/grade for husk, defect, disease and size. It is the ideal efficiency, quality and cost reduction tool for processors where capacity, husk and defect sorts are critical. It is a low cost of ownership machine that is built to last.

    See All Zea
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