Waste into Value

715,000 tons of metal is recovered every year by our metal recycling machines. That’s the equivalent of 4,031 Boeing 747s. What’s even more incredible? To date, only 1,435 Boeing 747s have ever been made.

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TOMRA Sorting's advanced automated recycling sorting systems for various waste and metal material streams deliver clear commercial, legislative and environmental benefits. The sensor-based sorting systems recover clean material fractions, delivering significantly higher yields and increased value from the input material than with traditional separation methods such as dense media separation or manual sorting.



Sensor-based sorting principle

The unsorted feed material slides down a chute or is transported on a belt and then scanned by our high-tech sensors. A few milliseconds later, the valuable recycled material is selectively ejected into the separation chamber by a precise and powerful burst of air from the high performance nozzle system, regardless of whether it’s a small plastic flake or a heavy metal.

Benefits at a glance

TOMRA Sorting’s recycling technology increases the waste-stream yield by ensuring consistent quality of output, enhances production line flexibility, and allows material composition to be monitored to improve grading of fractions. The automated recycling systems also reduce manual labor, operation, and service costs.

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