Waste into Value

715,000 tons of metal is recovered every year by our metal recycling machines. That’s the equivalent of 4,031 Boeing 747s. What’s even more incredible? To date, only 1,435 Boeing 747s have ever been made.

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As a technology leader, TOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to be pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the waste and metal recycling industries. Our goal: support our customers to optimize their sustainability and operational value. Our method: use our established and renowned industry expertise to provide state-of-the-art machines and exceptional service throughout the entire process.

Choosing TOMRA sorting equipment has repeatedly proven to be a profitable decision for our customers. Whether in the packaging, paper, municipal solid waste, or plastics businesses on the waste sorting side, or end-of-life vehicles, e-scrap or aluminum re-melters businesses on the metal sorting side,  TOMRA optical scanners provide excellent results – and increase customer profitability.

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