As the planet's population keeps on growing, so does the need for safe, high-quality, sustainable food.

At the same time, consumers around the world are getting pickier about what they buy to eat.

From our many years participating in the food industry, we truly understand that every piece of food counts.

And by working closely with growers, packers, and food processors, we can optimize global food production through advanced sorting solutions.
TOMRA Food - Every Resource Counts

The Future of Food

We are dedicated to improving and safeguarding food production bit by bit.

We develop, design and adapt sensor-based food sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions which protect and empower food businesses.

We turn complex information gathered by our machines into valuable, useable data which can bring further efficiency improvements. 

We also strengthen our customers’ businesses by sharing our world-class know-how in industrial food processing and the challenges specific to each different food category. 

These solutions are creating sustainable value – today and for future generations – because every resource counts.

To protect and empower your food business, join us on our sustainable journey!


TOMRA the future of food

Advancing intelligence

By extracting and responding to data gathered by our machines, it is possible to make further reductions in food waste. By presenting some of this information on touchscreens in a way that’s easy to understand at a glance, we enable you to make real-time efficiency improvements. And by helping you analyse detailed data retrospectively; we empower you to make better-informed operational and strategic decisions. 
TOMRA the future of food

Brand and consumer protection

Product recalls can have a devastating reputational and financial impact for food manufacturers. Whether the food is fresh, frozen, or canned, it must always be safe and meet agreed quality requirements.

This means that food sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions play a vital role in consumer and brand protection. And what could be more valuable than that?
TOMRA Food consistent, high-quality and safe food

Safe food of consistent, high quality

To ensure the most effective elimination of foreign materials and sub-standard product, food processors and packers are increasing the number and variety of sorting and grading machines on their lines.

Because millions of individual product items – and unwanted materials – can pass along the production line every hour, it’s vital to have accurate and robust sorting and grading systems capable of detecting and removing the smallest imperfections and contaminants.
TOMRA Food leading edge technology giving competitive advantage

Leading-edge optical sorting for a competitive advantage

It is by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations that TOMRA Food has become firmly established as a market leader. Through ongoing R&D programs, we innovate and refine technologies which raise benchmarks across the global food industry.

Our leading-edge technical solutions empower food processors and packers to reduce costs and increase profitability. And our standard-setting technologies put these businesses in good shape to deal with future food industry trends.
TOMRA the future of food

Trusted togetherness

World-class know-how in food sorting, grading, and packing solutions.

A deep understanding of the operational challenges posed by different food categories and geographical regions.

Dedication to long-term partnerships with our customers, helping them get products onto the shelf on time, in the best possible condition, and for the best possible price.

These are the ways in which TOMRA works together with growers, processors, and packers to optimize food production and co-create sustainable value.
TOMRA the future of food

Maximized profit and yield

Advances in industrial food automation and robotics are making food safer; delivering the product quality demanded by consumers and retailers; reducing food waste by improving yields; and enhancing processors’ and packers’ profits.

Improving efficiencies in these ways is the key to the food industry's sustainable future.
TOMRA potatoes sorting

Reducing food loss

As the world’s population keeps on growing and climate change disrupts crop seasons and regions, the need to reduce food loss becomes increasingly urgent.

There’s room for improvement at every step in the supply chain, from farm to fork – and that includes processing plants and packhouses.

At TOMRA we are working continuously to deliver efficiency improvements by developing industry-leading technical solutions. Working closely with growers, processors, and packers, we are reducing food loss bit by bit.
TOMRA the future of food

Roots of knowledge

TOMRA Food shares collective roots with its customers in the food industry as farmers and entrepreneurs. This heritage sharpens our understanding of the operational challenges that growers, packers, and processors need to solve, and why. We’re there as a knowledgeable, reliable partner.
TOMRA Food world-class global and local service and support

Year-round global and local support

Through TOMRA’s global reach, we’re active in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. And because we’re investing in resources to strengthen our provision of regional and local support, customers can rest assured that help is never far away.

In fact, we’re customer-centric every step of the way: from machine demonstrations to site assessments, providing expert advice, installing and calibrating machines, training machine operators, and being there with After-Sales Service and Technical Support – wherever you are and whatever day of the year it is.