The planet's population is growing, along with the need for safe, high-quality and sustainable food. 

Building on our heritage with farmers and decades of entrepreneurship throughout the food industry, we truly understand that every piece of food counts.

Together with growers, packers and food processors, we hold the key to optimize global food production through advanced sorting solutions. 
TOMRA Food - Every Resource Counts

The Future of Food

We develop, design and adapt sensor-based food sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions to protect and empower your food business.

By deepening our knowledge in food industry machinery, and expanding our impact, we transform advanced technology and complex information into valuable intelligence - from farm to fork.

With a local understanding and global know-how in industrial food processing, we are dedicated to improving and safeguarding food production bit by bit.

Co-creating sustainable value – today and for future generations, because every resource counts.

Curious about how we can protect and empower your food business?

Join us on our sustainable journey; we are here to speak with you.


TOMRA the future of food

Advancing Intelligence

With best-in-class optical food sorting and grading solutions, and valuable intelligence, we transform technology and complex information into valuable data by giving you real-time transparency of your production line.
TOMRA the future of food

Brand & Consumer Protection

Delivering high-quality, safe food is good for business. The reputational and financial impact of a product recall can be devastating for a company.

Effective optical food sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions play a huge role in consumer and brand protection, so implementing these processes makes good business sense. Good food safety performance protects consumers, which protects your brand.
TOMRA Food consistent, high-quality and safe food

Consistent, High-quality & Safe food

Food processors are increasing the number and variety of processing machines on their lines to ensure they eliminate poor quality products and foreign material as much as possible.

With millions of individual product items passing through every hour, robust systems, which can detect and remove the smallest of contaminants, are vital in managing food safety on the production line.
TOMRA Food leading edge technology giving competitive advantage

Leading-edge optical sorting Technology giving Competitive Advantage

As a market leader, our focus is on continual innovation that meets and exceeds our customers' expectations and raises the food industry benchmark as a whole.

Our R&D focus allows us to meet the demand of today and accurately forecast future food trends. Our ability to stay ahead of the market has contributed to our success. 

Our award-winning team of highly skilled engineers, design, build and install food processing equipment that reduces costs and increases profitability for our customers.
TOMRA the future of food

Trusted Togetherness

With local understanding, global know-how in food sorting solutions, and long-term partnerships, we optimize global food production and co-create sustainable value.

We are committed to getting your product on the shelf, on time, at the best price, in the best possible condition.

We have support hubs with installation specialists in each region we operate in. These expert engineers have an in-depth knowledge of your solution. Our focus is on you!
TOMRA the future of food

Maximized Profit & Yield

Continued advances in industrial food automation and robotics make the global food manufacturing and processing industries safer, more efficient, and able to deliver higher profits.

We believe that reducing waste and costs, improving efficiencies, and eliminating day-to-day operational headaches is the key to the food industry's future.
TOMRA potatoes sorting

Reduced Food Loss

As a global market leader, we try to be vocal about food waste by addressing the problem and offering solutions.

That's why we work closely with farmers, growers, processors, packers, and retailers to achieve the objective of reducing food loss. 
TOMRA the future of food

Roots of Knowledge

With collective roots in the industry as farmers and entrepreneurs, we have the expertise to transform the food industry, making us a reliable partner. 
TOMRA Food world-class global and local service and support

World-Class Global & Local Service & Support, 24/7

Complete customer satisfaction with After-Sales Service and Technical Support provided around the world 365 days per year.