Orbit Steam Peeler

The versatile Orbit Steam Peeler runs a wide range of vegetables at variable pressures with minimum steam to save resources and improve your throughput.

Key benefits


Different sized Steam Peeler 

Same high quality. The Orbit Steam Peeler allows peeling at 50,000 kg/hr or 1,000 kg/hr with the same high-quality peeling and operational savings. 
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One-of-a-kind technology

The patented TOMRA vessel lifters rotate batches for quick and uniform heat treatment to the skin of the vegetables.

Unrivaled flexibility on a wide range of vegetables

Peeling Pumpkins, Butternut, Potatoes, Carrots, or Baby Carrots with minimum peel wasted. 

Building on 40 years of innovation

TOMRA's Orbit Steam Peeler is an industry leader that offers fast cycle times and gentle product handling while operating at different steam pressures, low or high.

Optimizing every batch

Sensor-based technology in the vessel monitors and reports feedback to the control system, ensuring the quickest steam times and lowest peel loss. 

Tools for success 

The user interface allows the operator to manage the peeling process and adjust production volumes to maximize your line.