Sorting solution for whole, processed, and fresh foods

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The TOMRA 5A is a premium bulk sorting and size grader that is very popular with Potato processors and great for other food products.

This heavy-duty, high capacity, and high-performance sorter improves yields every minute it is running.

Key benefits

TOMRA 5A defects sorting

Ensures consistent product quality 

The TOMRA 5A detects and ejects products that are misshapen or spoiled by rot, mold, or discoloration.  
TOMRA 5A defects sorting

Food Safety and Quality as a top priority 

This machine sorts out a wide range of FM, including stones, corn cobs, roots, wood, glass, plastics, golf balls, and metal, with a removal rate greater than 98%.  
TOMRA 5A sorting machine

Enhances peeling efficiencies 

By connecting the TOMRA 5A to our Peel Control Module (PCM), optimal steam time calculations are automatically applied, reducing peel loss and food waste. 
TOMRA 5A usability

Data analytics and remote monitoring 

Connecting this sorter to the TOMRA Insight data platform renders valuable product information and leads to efficiency gains on your line.