Integrated citrus solutions: post harvest to pack

TOMRA works with the worlds leading citrus packhouses. We deliver unrivaled performance in terms of speed, handling, blemish detection and sorting accuracy in the citrus fruits industry.

Every Citrusfruit Counts

TOMRA citrus sorting

Gently handling your citrus

Our integrated solutions ensure a gentle transition throughout the packhouse; without breaking the citrus fruit; from bin to the citrus sorter through to packing.

Value added solutions

We're focused on helping our customers achieve the best results in every aspect of their produce journey - from orchard to market. Our integrated packhouse technology is designed with your produce in mind. 

World-leading citrus fruit blemish detection

Our optical systems can be configured to grade for differing levels of defects, providing maximum control when matching product grades to different markets. Our citrus grading machines are adapted to oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and other common citrus fruits. 
TOMRA internal citrus sorting

Unrivaled citrus internal quality sorting

Our optical sorting machines for citrus fruits can detect discoloration and other internal quality features. Keep bad citrus out of a good box and reduce fruit giveaway with our Inspectra2 - a non-invasive solution for internal defect grading. 

Discover what our customers have to say


Xiangjia Juyou Hunan, China

Integrated Citrus Solution

Product quality, quantities, and consumer satisfaction have all increased since this ambitious business in Hunan Province purchased TOMRA’s state-of-the-art sorting and grading solutions


Özler Tarim, Türkiye

Integrated Citrus Solution

Thanks to TOMRA Food’s sorting and grading technologies, leading Turkish citrus exporter Özler Tarım has improved product quality and doubled capacity in just one year. 


Fillmore Piru, USA

Integrated Citrus Solution

A grower-owned packing house which continues to invest in TOMRA technology to help insure that their citrus is packed and shipped to protect that just picked freshness.

Our integrated citrus solutions

TOMRA 5S advanced

TOMRA 5S Advanced

TOMRA 5S Advanced builds on the class-leading performance of our Multi Lane Sorter and revolutionizes food safety expectations. It is the only platform truly designed for hygienic operation, with toolless cleaning and sanitization, and food safe contact areas. With its advanced connectivity features, it is designed to be the digital heart of the packhouse and meet the industries’ evolving needs, futureproofing the customer’s business for the next 10 years.

Single and Dual Lane Sorters

For external inspection of fresh produce, Spectrim is the world’s most powerful sorting and grading platform. To detect especially hard-to-find defects, the UltraView inspection module integrates with Spectrim. And for non-invasive internal inspection and defect grading, Spectrim can be complemented by Inspectra². These Single and Dual Lane Sorters are ideal for small-to-medium packhouses but also connectable to our larger Multi Lane Sorter – and can pack into a wide variety of packaging types.

Line control and product tracking system

Useable line data leads to better line control and decision-making. This leads, in turn, to greater efficiency and profitability. And this has become achievable thanks to the digital transformation of post-harvesting solutions.
rotofiller 1

Rotofiller dry bin filler

The Rotofiller’s infeed belt and optimized geometry are designed for the gentle bin filling of delicate fruit in bulk at high levels of throughput.
packing banner

Manual and semi-automatic packing products

For manual and semi-automatic packing, our products offer the full solution: rotary packing tables, and tray, box, and bin fillers.