The premier optical sorter for the Nut industry, Dried fruit and IQF

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    For nuts, dried fruit, IQF, and vegetables

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    High Yield

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    Easy to clean

We maximized operational efficiency, improved food safety, and increased yields with a tailor-made solution for Dried Fruit, Nuts and IQF.

By combining the best sensors with high-resolution lasers, this data-driven machine continuously improves sorting capabilities with every batch it runs. 

TOMRA 5C sorting machine

Key benefits

Engineered with the operator in mind

Combined with the easy-to-use and intuitive display, the sorter adapts to your needs while handling twice the capacity.  

Foreign materials and cross-contamination don’t stand a chance.  

The TOMRA 5C is unrivaled in its ability to detect minor product defects and shells, other nuts, insect damages, peewee in-shell, gummies, fiber, skin marks, shrivel, butterballs, and stink bugs.  

Easy to use and maintain  

The TOMRA 5C is easy to clean and keep running in optimal condition with its sliding ejection bar and Heartbeat health status display.   

Real-time decisions with actionable data  

With its best-in-class sorting and innovative data delivery, the TOMRA 5C ensures growth and improved profits well into the future by reducing your line's variables and returning more power to the processor. 

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