TOMRA technology and your operation go together like peas and carrots

When sorting vegetables in different forms, choosing the right mechanical platform with the complementary sensors brings your business to the next level. Discover our optical sorting machine.

Every Vegetable Counts

Foreign Material

TOMRA's vegetable sorters identify discolorations, husks, diseases, stems, stalks, and knuckles while removing all ranges of foreign material, including EVM (Extraneous Vegetable Material), FEVM (Foreign Extraneous Vegetable Material), insects, frogs, mice, wood, trash, plastic, and glass. 

All Sorts of Detection

TOMRA's vegetable sorting machines can expose defects, biological characteristics, shape and size variations, structural integrity, color variations, and density differences in various vegetable products.

Your needs meet our solutions

TOMRA Food has solutions using on or off-belt sorting techniques to sort fresh and frozen vegetables from whole to cut, bulk, or in bags.