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Steam peeling is the most efficient method of removing skin from fruit and vegetables. Lines processing between 1,000 kg/hr – 65,000 kg/hr can benefit from TOMRA’s steam peeling equipment, resulting in significant raw material and energy savings.


TOMRA offers a range of peeling solutions for French fries, and food processing lines for various root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, red beets, celeriac, swedes, pumpkins, peppers, chillies, and many others.

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China-based food processor Kaida invited us to look around its two new potato strips processing factories, to find out more about its advanced sorting and peeling technology.

Watch their testimonial.



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  • Brusher

    The Brusher addresses your needs to gently remove loose peel or to aggressively remove product defects by using the highest reliable brush technology on the market.

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  • Dry Peel Separator

    The efficient separation of peel waste is an essential objective for vegetable and root processors. TOMRA Dry Peel Separator (DPS) provides you with a method to separate peel waste with zero water usage and minimal yield loss.

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  • Eco Steam Peeler

    Today we see steam peelers operating at unprecedented steam times. No product in the industry can match the speed of peeling, the uniformity of skin removal, and the low peel losses of TOMRA’s Eco Potato Steam Peeler. We are proud to say that TOMRA’s Eco Steam Peeler has become the standard for French Fry processors.

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  • Energy Saving Upgrades

    TOMRA Food provides a range of energy-saving upgrades to enhance the performance of the peeling line equipment.

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  • Odyssey Steam Peeler

    The Odyssey Steam Peeler is the newest addition to the TOMRA Steam Peeling portfolio. It’s the ideal cost-effective steam peeling solution for seasonal processing companies and emerging markets. It’s a high-quality peeler designed explicitly for seasonal processors of fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, red beets, pumpkins, celeriac, kohlrabi, papaya, mango, and chilies.

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  • Orbit Steam Peeler

    TOMRA's Orbit Steam Peeler machine is an industry-leader that offers fast cycle times and gentle product handling while operating at different steam pressures, low or high.

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  • Washer

    The Washer addresses the washing system issues that other products on the market could not. Our Washer allows for gentle product washing, removing small pieces of loose peel, and can reuse a higher percentage of recycled water than traditional washers.

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