high precision free particles

Increase your product quality in quartz mining

Upgrade Industrial minerals to higher value product. 3 products categories, low medium, high for different applications (enduse is for example from cables, cables, glass, kitchen countertops up to toothpaste). Possible for pre-concentration or upgrading.

Our solution effectively separates same-colored waste materials from valuable minerals, solving a major historic problem for several industries.

Our sensor-based mineral sorters now make it possible to detect coated material, like the industrial mineral chert, and separate it selectively, at a very high throughput rate. Our innovative, field-proven x-ray transmission technology also delivers significantly higher product yields and quality.

Benefits of sensor-based mineral sorting at a glance

  • Contaminant removal: Contaminants can be removed early in the separation process, reducing crushing and classification costs, increasing recovery and enhancing deposit exploitation.
  • Product upgrade: Final product can be produced in higher quantities and with its quality improved, which ultimately means increased revenue.

A smart choice

Improve product quality

Extend lifetime of the mine

Reduce energy consumption

Increase throughput

Before having TOMRA sorters, we were worried about quality and low capacity. But now we have achieved the desired quality standard and we have seen a decrease in waste, which means productivity has increased. The system design is quite successful and the TOMRA service team is good at their job.

Namzi Çetin Mine & Plant manager, Mikroman

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