Ultra-flexible, intelligent sorting of non-ferrous metals

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    Intelligent object recognition

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    High throughput for higher yield

High precision sorting and purification of metals from complex material streams.

FINDER™ is the ideal sorting solution to recover non-ferrous metals lost to eddy current separation. The sorting unit harnesses the power of electromagnetic sensors and built-in machine intelligence to instantly detect metals, regardless of material complexity or grain size.

Featuring groundbreaking software including SUPPIXX™, DEEP DATA™ and Intelligent Object Recognition (IOR) systems, FINDER™ delivers exceptionally high throughput and purity levels. Optional sensor technologies to sort copper wires, polymers, PCB, and clean non-metal fractions create additional value to complex materials streams such as e-scrap recycling.

Available in four configurations with high precision valve blocks, its modular and flexible design offers the optimal sorting solution metal and waste recycling. With belt speeds up to 3m/sec and reduced air consumption, FINDER™ delivers your operation high yield results across various sorting tasks.

SUPPIXX™ technology
DEEP DATA™ technology
Intelligent object recognition
High precision valves
Adaptive belt calibration
NIR sensor & FLYING BEAM™ option
Laser object detection option

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Now in its fourth generation, the FINDER™ specializes in effectively separating high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.


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