Powerful precision x-ray sorting of aluminum, e-scrap and wood

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    Top mounted x-ray source

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    Powerful, high throughput processing

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    Sensor & software developed by TOMRA

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    High recovery or high purity sorting

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    Multiple sorting tasks & grain sizes

Unrivaled sorting accuracy and purification of aluminum from super lights and heavy metals.

Built on a long-standing legacy in diamond mining and metal sorting, X-TRACT™’s high-performance design combines machine intelligence with a reliable transmission (XRT) setup. The top-down design protects the x-ray source from dirt, preventing costly maintenance, while its optimal source-to-sensor positioning provides more precise detection and faster integration times.

Every aspect of the XRT sorting system, including its robust mechanics, high resolution sensor and software features was developed in-house by our experts and engineers. With optional x-ray power supply up to 1000W, the machine delivers high throughput processing across multiple applications and grain sizes, including aluminum fines and copper wires.

X-TRACT™ effortlessly handles complex material streams and overlapping objects with its Dual Processing Technology that gives operators the flexibility to prioritize sorting for either high recovery or high purity yields. Aluminum alloys, magnesium and other materials are instantly classified using TOMRA’s exclusive software-defined density ranges, making X-TRACT™ the ideal solution for processing furnace-ready aluminum twitch.

Dual Processing Technology
Multi-Density Channels
DUOLINE™ sensor
Fines option

New X-TRACT™. Proven to Outperform.

For over 15 years, X-TRACT™ has been the world’s leading dual energy x-ray sorting technology for prominent aluminum recyclers and processors in 34 countries. The next generation X-TRACT™ is setting new standards in metal sorting once again, enabling you to increase profitability with high grade secondary aluminum.


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Once again elevating the standard of high-precision sorting, the X-TRACT™ features enhanced material atomic density detection to maximize the recovery of high-quality recycled products which discerning markets now demand.
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Key Customer benefits: - Multi-Density-Channels for greater precision, even with mixed metals and small grain sizes - ACT user interface for more control – even from afar - Dual Processing Technology for best quality yield at high throughput - Application Packages for customized mechanical design


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