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Key Option: LOD

There´s a new shortcut to superior yield in black plastic, glass and waste item recycling.

Maintaining innovative products, TOMRA Sorting delivers a laser based Add-On that, when used in combination with AUTOSORT, boosts the circuits sorting capabilities.

With the LOD key option comes the perfect complement to existing TOMRA equipment for applications that cannot be seen from NIR-Sensors like black plastics (PP, PE, PET etc.), glass and waste items.

An immediate installation to new or operating recycling streams closes the loop to incomparable reliability and peak performance, substantially less downtime, greater output and low energy consumption through TOMRA´s patented and pioneering technology, to its operator.

In a nutshell:

  • Laser Object Detection
  • Flexible integration to existing products
  • Detection of black plastics and glass
  • Sorting out impurities from paper (e.g. black objects and polymers)
  • Independent background
  • Peak performance with low energy consumption
  • Easy to clean