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Non-Ferrous metals | post shredder

The widespread use of electronic products has created an enormous demand for the sorting of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. To be usable, these non-ferrous metal fractions must be treated to a high degree of purity. Thanks to TOMRA’s efficient sorting technology, separating these materials from metal waste makes is worthwhile in every aspect.

TOMRA Sorting’s efficient non-ferrous metals sorting and recycling technology provides benefits for shredder machinery, heavy media operators and aluminum re-smelters. Shredder operators can create individual fractions out of mixed product which yield much higher market values. Heavy media operators can produce and sell pure final products themselves, meaning their investment in technology is recouped quickly. After wet processing, the aluminum product still contains impurities and its concentration can be improved further using TOMRA sorting technology and sold for a considerably higher profit.

Finally, the need to sort small grain sizes continues to increase. TOMRA Sorting offers belt and free-fall [chute] machines, which are able to sort very fine non-ferrous metals by efficiently detecting and sorting material such as copper, brass and aluminum and create high value products.

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