Girl carrying containers and R1 int he background

TOMRA R1 and T9 with MultiPac Air

Recycling just got more WOW

  • Designed for  large supermarkets and hypermarkets

  • Modular reverse vending system

  • Accept cans and plastic bottles

  • Collects over 100 containers at once

With the new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending system, recycling just got more WOW.

Able to accept over 100 cans and plastic bottles at once, it makes recycling easy and quick - so your customers can simply put their containers in the machine in one go, collect their deposit, and go shopping.

Paired with the TOMRA T9 and the MultiPac Air backroom, the TOMRA R1 can process millions of containers a year with efficiency and reliability, so you’re always ready for customers when they want to recycle. Deliver outstanding service to your customers and put recycling to work for you with the TOMRA R1. 

Powered with TOMRA Flow™
High-volume storage capacity - up to 7 cabinets
Fully compatible with the TOMRA Digital Solutions

Recycling just got more WOW with the TOMRA R1

Lead the way with the TOMRA R1 - the latest revolution in reverse vending

Guy using R1

Collects over 100 containers in one go

Up to 5 times faster than traditional reverse vending machines, customers can load all containers in one go, collect their deposit and then go shopping.
Kids  smiling holding a bag of empties  in front of a TOMRA R1

An easy, mess-free recycling experience

Customers don’t need to feed their containers in one at a time, or touch them, for a quick and clean plastic bottle and can recycling experience.
R1 front

Handles volume like a pro

Your TOMRA R1 comes with our flagship single-feed and backroom solutions – TOMRA T9 and MultiPac Air – so you can offer customers high system speed and greater storage capacity.
Plastic bottle inside TOMRA sensors

First-class technology and support

Your R1 system is powered with TOMRA Flow™ - our 360-degree container recognition; innovative digital tools, and first-class support to help you offer great customer service and drive sales.

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