TOMRA Digital Tools

Innovative digital tools and APIs to boost your reverse vending machine

TOMRA offers digital products and API integrations that extend the value of using and owning TOMRA reverse vending systems (RVM).

A whole new level of benefit that’s already included in your investment. TOMRA’s Digital tools make your recycling program work even harder for your store, without costing you a thing.

Connect with your TOMRA reverse vending machine!
Save your staff's time
Get a better customer engagement
Extend your machine capabilities
  • mytomra
    Make recycling at your store a seamless part of your customers’ lives by staying connected in the myTOMRA app and making sure your reverse vending machine is ready for recycling when they are.
  • Voucher control
    Voucher Control is an essential cloud-based tool for your reverse vending machine (RVM) that secures your deposit refunds and allows your customers to redeem their deposits across your entire chain.
  • Notify + Assist
    Optimize operational efficiency so your resources are used wisely. With Notify+Assist, you can view the daily activity and usage trends so you can plan staff time and reverse vending machine maintenance to fit the needs of your store’s schedule.
  • Reports
    Use insights from your reverse vending machine usage data to plan efficient operations. Identify usage patterns for smart staffing and better management, yielding the best return on your investment and less queuing time for customers.
  • In-Store Marketing
    Donation programs help your customers give to the causes they care about. Offering your customers a local donation option shows you care about being part of a thriving community, and that drives loyalty to your store.


Find the fun in recycling

A great recycling experience goes digital! Find new ways to connect with your customers with the myTOMRA app and give them more to love about recycling at your store.

Your customers live in a digital world

Meet your customers’ expectations for a great recycling experience at your store by making recycling a seamless part of life with the myTOMRA app.

Turn recycling into revenue 

A simple, convenient recycling experience can increase store traffic, earn customer loyalty and open up new ways to engage with your store.

Put your store on the map

myTOMRA features your store’s location on its mapping feature, so your customers can find you, see that your RVM is ready, and save your store as their favorite place to recycle and shop.

With myTOMRA, it's personal

Custom profiles, payout preferences, user statistics and barcode or QR code sign-in at the RVM create a tailored experience for your customers, and reward good recycling habits. Plus, custom APIs integrate myTOMRA with your store’s loyalty program, incentivizing customers to spend more at your store.

Voucher Control

Get peace of mind with every payout 

Voucher Control is an essential cloud-based tool for your reverse vending machine that secures your deposit refunds and allows your customers to redeem their deposits across your entire chain.

Pay out refunds correctly and smoothly

With Voucher Control you can ensure that deposit refunds are only redeemed once. The cloud-based solution ensures real-time validation and redemption of printed and digital vouchers to secure your deposit refund and prevent fraud. 

Notify + Assist

Stay one step ahead

Stay on top of efficient recycling operations. Notify+Assist Premium helps you monitor your RVM in real-time so you can always be ready for your customers when they’re ready to recycle.


Turn operational insight into smart management

Help recycling deliver the most benefit to your store by using weekly data from your store’s operations to maximize your RVM’s efficiency.

In-store Marketing

Make recycling a way to reach out

Reach out to your customers whenever they recycle. Turn recyclers into shoppers and drive customer loyalty with in-store promotions, community donations and interactive video screens.