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Pioneering Sensor Technologies for the Mining Industry

Detection is the heart of any automated sorting equipment. TOMRA’s high-tech sensor technology is equipped with eagle-eyed vision – they see more, and are thus able to detect and supply more information.

Broad sensor technology portfolio

Sensors can be combined to get the best result for any type of ore.

TOMRA Sorting’s sensor technology provides the ultimate in efficiency, precision and speed detection. Even the smallest particles can be detected, despite the fact that volumes and capacities are much higher than those encountered in traditional sorting technologies.

TOMRA Sorting’s sensor technologies ensure high-speed processing of data such as material, color, density, shape, size, geometry and location of objects.


  • Color (COLOR)

Classifies industrial minerals, base- and precious-metal ores or gemstones by their color.

  • Near-Infrared (NIR)

Classifies minerals and ores according to their near-infrared spectrum profile.

  • X-ray Transmission (XRT)

Classifies ores or coal according to their specific atomic density.

  • Electromagnetic Sensor (EM)

Classifies metals and ores in accordance with their conductivity and permeability.

  • Laser (LASER)

Classifies ores according to color and structure. Multi-channel laser scanning detects small variances in surface patterns, even when those patterns are identical in color.