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FLYING BEAM® is our patented core technology guaranteeing a homogenous light distribution across the entire conveyor belt, thus leading to better detection of materials and consistent sorting performance. With the illumination unit positioned inside the scanner, lamps are protected from contamination and therefore provide continuous light distribution and durability.

Focused and efficient illumination

noun_Light_3393001The combination of FLYING BEAM® and SHARP EYE enhance the system's signal for a more precise and consistent transfer of information. The stronger signals enable the separation of the individual material groups to be more accurate, and depending on the application, leads to 2-5% higher recovery rates.




Superior light distribution

noun_Idea_981149During operation, the integrated high-performing lamps shine on a rotating mirror, which distributes the light homogenously over the entire belt width. The light emitted by the lamps penetrates and gets absorbed by the materials. Partial light is reflected on the rotating mirror and passed to the sensor, which detects the specific wavelength of light in the near-infrared spectrum. Based on the information given, algorithms classify the material, decide whether to eject or drop the material and send the respective signal to the machine’s valves to sort the material accordingly. The homogenous light distribution from FLYING BEAM® is imperative for maintaining high-performance in both sorting and purity results.


Monitoring light distribution

noun_Computer_3506955Lamps are not a long-lasting, unbreakable product. During its life cycle, a lamp will eventually lose performance. Over time and through repeated operation, the light and signal quality of the lamps change and become less efficient, which negatively affects the detection of materials, and consequently, the sorting result. FLYING BEAM® technology counteracts this by detecting signal changes and automatically adapting the parameters of the material analysis process to maintain peak performance. Thanks to this unique feature, AUTOSORT® always provides optimal light distribution and sorting conditions with less downtime.


Low maintenance

noun_Settings_2184205Conventional lighting systems with external lamp arms are prone to errors and get dirty very quickly. They require costly and time-consuming maintenance for cleaning and correct repositioning. FLYING BEAM® offers a fixed internal lighting system, eliminating positioning errors and reducing the time for maintenance drastically. What's more, easy accessibility allows our customers to substitute lamps directly themselves, and our integrated lamp power monitoring system makes maintenance much more efficient and faster.



Improved fire safety

noun_fire warning_2052263An integrated lighting system dramatically improves the fire safety of any operation. Unlike external lamps, in which materials can easily touch the surface and begin burning, FLYING BEAM® technology ensures materials on the belt pass safely and intact.




Reduced operating costs

noun_money down_3038551Designed to provide excellent light distribution with a limited number of lamps, FLYING BEAM® is the most effective lighting system on the market. In addition to its high performance, the unit offers extreme cost savings through ultra-low energy consumption and reduced maintenance.