Odyssey steam peeling machine

Odyssey steam peeler

brings seasonal processors high performance and reliability

The Odyssey steam peeler incorporates TOMRA's control software, an enlarged steam peeling vessel, and a weigh hopper, enabling customers to steam peel a wide range of vegetables and fruits all at once. This solution requires little extra maintenance and is trusted as a high-functioning efficient steam peeler with a low cost of ownership.

Key benefits

  • Odyssey peeling machine

    Beauty in simplicity

    Simple steam supply and exhaust arrangement deliver highly efficient steam peeling performance and make it an ideal choice for many low-cost processing environments, such as emerging markets and those that only produce for part of the year. 
  • Odyssey steam peeling machine

    The right specs for your op

    The Odyssey Steam Peeler comes in various vessel sizes to achieve efficient processing volumes from 4,000 Kg/hour – 40,000 Kg/hour (10,000 Lbs/hour – 100,000 Lbs/hour). 
  • Designed with user experience in mind

    The intuitive user interface is available in multiple languages and enables operators to make changes and achieve the desired performance and production volumes. 
  • Odyssey vegetables peeling

    General "a-peal"

    This versatile machine can work apples, beets, fruits, carrots, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, and unwashed/washed potatoes, pumpkins, celeriac, kohlrabi, papayas, mangoes, and chilies.

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Odyssey steam peeler

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