Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

This page provides information pertaining to the decommissioning and recycling of TOMRA reverse vending machines and backroom equipment pursuant to the European Community directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The WEEE Directive sets obligations for national systems relative to how products containing electronic components shall be handled when they reach end of life.

All products affected by the WEEE Directive shall be marked with the symbol adopted by the European Council to represent waste electrical and electronic equipment. This symbol consists of a crossed-out wheelie bin with or without a single black line underneath the symbol. The black line indicates that goods have been placed on the market after 2005, when the Directive first came into force.

TOMRA Reverse Vending Machines and backroom equipment are marked with the crossed out wheelie bin on the machine ID plate, along with the web address www.tomra.com/weee which leads to this information page.

Actual disassembly/recycling instructions relevant for recyclers are available below as product-specific pdf files.

Reverse vending machines

T-9 Bottle

T-9 Bottle/Crate

T-70 Single

T-70 Dual

T-70 Dual Plus



Backroom equipment


EasyPac (Along 1x compactor)

EasyPac (Along 2x compactor)

EasyPac (Across 1x compactor)

EasyPac (Aside 2x compactor)

EasyPac (Offset 1x compactor)

Depot equipment



Recognition system