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Career Paths

People in TOMRA work as product managers, project managers and researchers, service technicians, within sales, marketing, IT, administration, and production.


Meet Phillipe Amiri, Master of Science, Optics and Laser Physics:

  • Joined TOMRA in 2007 as Senior Optical Engineer in the Optics R&D department, Collection Solutions
  • 2009: Project Manager in Reverse Vending Project Department, Collection Solutions
  • 2010: Expatriate assignment, CBSI/TOMRA Oregon, USA
  • 2012: Cost Optimization Manager, RV Operations, Collection Solutions

Phillipe’s career path is an example of the broad opportunities that you can find within TOMRA. Starting off in a typical engineer position as a researcher, he has journeyed via project management to financial management.

“My career path in TOMRA has been one of logic expansion. Every time I’ve taken on a new role, it’s expanded my perspectives and skill set by building on my previous responsibilities”.

Philippe (6)

Continuous broadening of perspectives

As a senior optical engineer, Phillipe was focused on research projects related to optical technology development and improvement. He got to use his educational competence and dig deeply into the optical technology that is a key component in the RVMs.

The RV Project Department brings together people from various engineering backgrounds: Optics, Mechanics, Electronics and Software.  For Phillipe, it was an opportunity to get more into project work and gain insight into the product development process.

Phillipe’s third position in TOMRA was an expat assignment in the USA where he was responsible for the technological integration of CBSI, which was acquired in 2010.

“I was responsible for setting up a connection between CBSI and the R&D departments in Norway. The experiences from my previous positions came together in this role, plus I continued to broaden my perspectives on the global TOMRA.”

A future-oriented company

When he returned from Oregon in December 2011, Phillipe was appointed Cost Optimization Manager in Collection Solutions. This is a central position in the large cost optimization program to make the production of Reverse Vending Machines more cost-effective. Phillipe is responsible for identifying and monitoring cost cutting and reduction activities. He’s moved far beyond the R&D position in which he started his TOMRA career, and he doesn’t see it stopping here.

“TOMRA is a company in transformation. That transformation represents opportunities for me as an employee to broaden my perspectives even further in future, maybe from Collection to Sorting Solutions, or something else. It’s a future-oriented company. Now is the time to work here.”