TOMRA Food grains and seeds sorting

Deeply seeded and engrained in our DNA

With our wide variety of solutions and decades of expertise, we have the perfect sorting and grading equipment for your seeds and grains.

Every Seed or Grain Counts™

  • TOMRA Food seeds sorting machine

    Out with the bad, in with the good

    Our seed and grain sorters identify and reject discolorations, sclerotia, and all types of foreign material that get mixed in with incoming raw materials.

  • TOMRA seeds and grains sorting

    Getting it right first time with our optical sorting technology

    By minimizing false rejects, our seed and grain processing machines maximize throughput and yield, eradicating any time-consuming and costly need to rework product. 

  • TOMRA Food seeds sorting machine

    Brand protection

    Keeping the trust of customers is critical to maintaining loyalty - so it's reassuring to know you can achieve consistently high quality. 

Our grains & seeds sorting solution

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Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to ensure quality is consistent and potential recalls are thing of the past.

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