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Paramount citrus plant

How citrus packhouses can improve profitability with the latest sorting and grading solutions

Citrus packhouses are striving to meet evermore demanding quality expectations, yet must also increase quantities and improve yields. This is a tricky balancing act, but it can be done, as Clinton Jeffries, Global Category Director Citrus at TOMRA Food, explains.
Jacob Hobbel

TOMRA Food appoints first global category director for vegetables and fruit

TOMRA Food continues to sharpen its focus on sorting and peeling solutions precisely tailored to food categories 

How Seed and Grain Processors can profit from the latest sorting technologies

The increasing global demand for seeds and grains, including seed corn and coffee beans, is a great opportunity for food processors to swell their revenue streams.
Eco Steam Peeling Line

How the best steam peelers can significantly reduce food waste on Vegetable Processing Lines

When peeling vegetables, many processing lines waste huge amounts of food – and potential revenue. With modern peeling machines, however, this can be prevented, while also reducing energy costs and water consumption. Eamonn Cullen, Marketing Manager Peeling at TOMRA Food, explains how.
Christian Tougaard_Regional Sales Director EMEA_TOMRA Food

TOMRA Food appoints new regional Sales Director EMEA for TOMRA Processed Food

Christian Tougaard joins the company to lead TOMRA Processed Food sales in the EMEA region
Paul Slupecki

Paul Slupecki appointed as head of TOMRA Fresh Food

For the new leader of TOMRA’s business area specializing in fresh fruit and vegetables, the priorities are customer-centricity and developing the business’ global presence
bruno stravato general manager ICOEL

TOMRA Food welcomes ICOEL as an integrated business partner

New partnership will strengthen and simplify customer support for Fruit Packers
TOMRA 5C optical sorting machine

TOMRA 5C optical sorting machine wins prestigious Japan Food Journal award

The award’s judges applaud how, by using digital tools and AI technology, TOMRA Food has advanced food sorting accuracy and efficiency
blueberries lid closer

How modern grading and packing solutions enable blueberry packhouses to gain and retain competitiveness

For blueberry businesses, this is a time of change. Global demand is climbing. Production is increasing. New growing regions are gaining market strength. And consumers’ quality expectations are rising. All these changes mean that growers and packhouses must now be more productive and efficient than ever before.
Food sustainability

Why the food industry needs to think about sustainability

When businesses behave with sustainability, it’s not only society that benefits – this can also help bring in new business. Stefaan Kennis, Director of Strategy, Market Intelligence and Sustainability at TOMRA Food, explains why - and how technologies can make this easy.
Michel Picandet

TOMRA Talks Food - All things Food with Michel Picandet

Michel Picandet, Head of TOMRA Food, touches on topics like food safety and transformation. He talks about his daily routine, favorite dishes, and what he learned in China. But most of all: he gives you a unique insight into the mission he sees for TOMRA Food in the world around us. Be inspired and inspire in return!
Jessica Brennan

TOMRA Talks Food - The drumbeat of transformation with Jessica Brennan

Jessica Brennan, Head of Transformation and Communications at TOMRA Food, onboarded about one year ago while TOMRA Food was … yep … as if it were written in the stars … in full transformation. While she explains to us that it’s all about people: involving everybody in the story, making sure we keep the big picture in scope and create room for (more female) leadership, we also get to know why an Australian aeronautical engineer ends up on Belgian soil (was she not aiming for Mars???). Her biggest piece of advice: ‘Be yourself, be bold, and speak up’.
David Coupez

TOMRA Talks Food - Why a Culture of Customer Centricity is Vital

David Coupez, Customer Centricity, Enablement and ACE (Advanced Customer Engagement) Program Lead, is joining us in the TOMRA Talks Food studio to look at the past, present and future of TOMRA Food. A peculiar conversation on TOMRA as a technological innovator at the core and how to balance that with smart Customer Engagement actions to keep ahead of the customer revolution. His piece of advice: 'Don't be afraid to use your creativity'.
James Lynch Area Sales Manager for Citrus

Sharpening its category focus, TOMRA Food appoints new sales manager for citrus

New appointment in California reflects TOMRA's regional and global commitment to tailoring its solutions to food categories' specialized needs
Spectrim machine sorting avocados

TOMRA Food, keynote sponsor of the upcoming global avocado congress, spotlights how packhouses can meet current and future challenges

Ahead of the new online event for the global avocado industry, TOMRA spotlights solutions for growers and packhouses who are under pressure to increase throughputs – and whose next big challenge will be higher expectations of product quality
TOMRA apple sorting

How TOMRA sorting and grading solutions can help apple packhouses meet operational challenges - and protect customers’ brand reputations

Damien Gibson, Global Category Director Apples at TOMRA Food, analyzes in this article the challenges faced by apple packhouses and explains how TOMRA Food’s solutions allow them to reduce the labor required for sorting whilst significantly improving the consistency, accuracy, and packout of the sorted product.
TOMRA every resource counts

TOMRA Food publishes new e-book to help processors and packers turn data from sorting machines into greater profitability

Free-to-download publication spotlights how sorting data can now be easily accessed and understood to gain commercial advantage
TOMRA Food dog treat

TOMRA Food: high yield and waste minimizing sorting solutions

With TOMRA’s new sensor-based sorting technologies, Pet Food manufacturers and producers of animal by-products will be able to reach new levels of efficiency, food safety and product quality.
TOMRA 5C sorting machine

50 years of sorting competence: TOMRA Food presents the TOMRA 5C and the digital platform TOMRA Insight for meat, poultry and pet food applications as well as rendering products at IFFA 2022

TOMRA Food has just celebrated its 50th anniversary with all teams around the globe. The company is leading the resource revolution with intelligent, game-changing products that improve yields and minimize waste. In addition to more sustainability, this also means increased cost efficiency and protection of the brand image benefitting customers in the meat and poultry processing industry. The leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines will present its digitally supported portfolio at the IFFA trade show from May 14th to 19th, 2022 in Frankfurt.
TOMRA Food at Fruit Logistica Berlin

TOMRA Food reveals new brand strategy, celebrates 50th anniversary, and launches new packing and sorting solutions

Wide-ranging announcements made today at leading international trade show

TOMRA Food launches premium sorting machine with BSI technology for IQF vegetables and fruit 

In this new application, the TOMRA 5C makes final quality checks on the line with superior sorting efficiency, higher yields, higher capacity, and the benefits of big-data analysis

TOMRA Food introduces KETE16, the new robotic packing machine for punnets and clamshells 

With unrivaled capabilities, the new KETE16 increases productivity, reduces downtime, and delivers certainty in every pack
TOMRA every resource counts

TOMRA Food announces new brand strategy, affirming its future direction and broader role in society

New tagline recognizes how TOMRA Food and its customers can work together to improve global food production; legacy brands integrated into one TOMRA Food brand; new talent to be attracted to build on market leadership
Proteins_TOMRA Food_Sausages (1)

TOMRA Food maximizes protein's profitability from meat poultry rendering and pet food

Maximizing protein's profitability from meat, poultry, rendering and pet food

TOMRA digital transformation presentation with Brendan O'Donnell

As the leader in optical sorting technology, TOMRA is committed to developing and adapting new technologies to help almond processors create higher value products and maximize grower returns without sacrificing profitability. In this video, TOMRA reveals how big data and analytics are used to uncover hidden inefficiencies, unlocking the potential of your process with the power of information and providing accessibility all the way to your mobile device.
Proteins_TOMRA Food_petfood (1)

Removing lethal aflatoxins from pet food

As a large number of product recalls recently showed, plant-based ingredients in pet foods can hide a dangerous poison. The near-invisible threat is aflatoxin, one of the mycotoxins produced by certain molds (fungi) on plants such as corn, grain and tree nuts. When this slips into the food chain undetected, it can harm pets and pet food manufacturers’ reputations.

TOMRA Food announces new organization

TOMRA Food announced today its new organization focused on two business areas, Fresh Food and Processed Food. This change creates a powerful organization, unique in the world, which brings together the most extensive technology portfolio, the widest array of Research & Development skills, and the strongest global footprint in the sector.

How tuna processors are improving profitability with a new sorting technology

Tuna processing is demanding, fiddly, and hugely labor intensive. So many people are involved in removing bones and scales from the fish, and in separating the differing colors and qualities of meat, that the risk of human errors is ever-present. So too are the risks of worker-related foreign materials, such as clothing fibers and strands of hair, falling into the product.

Solving the challenge of potato processing for kettle chips

The booming popularity of kettle chips (known in some parts of the world as ‘crisps’) brings potato processors a mixture of opportunities and challenges. Opportunities lie in the strong demand for a potato-based product that commands a premium price. Challenges arise because what originated as a low-volume ‘artisan’ snack must now be produced in vast and faultless quantities for big-brand retailers with reputations to protect.

Vegetables - a critical part of the future of food

Today, we are delighted to give the stage to Jason Schenker, Chairman of the Futurist Institute; President of Prestige Economics and bestselling writer on many innovative topics, such as future food challenges.
Cashews-accept vs reject

The multiple benefits of sorting cashews with machines

Cashew processing in India is getting more challenging, especially considering manual labor and the current global environmet. Maximizing quality is especially important to maintaining India’s reputation as a premium cashew market and perhaps the best weapon to have in the battle for product quality and commercial competitiveness is optical sorting machines. Acquiring such machines is a significant financial decision, but also a wise investment that pays back with rich rewards.

Potatoe fresh packers are finding that sorting machines solve many challenges

Running a potato fresh pack line involves keeping an eye on so many variables that it can seem like juggling – and now, because of COVID-19, there are more balls to keep in the air. Performing the seemingly impossible can become possible, however, when TOMRA Food provides a helping hand. TOMRA’s optical sorting machines, well known for sorting to high levels of accuracy with low levels of waste, also solve a wide range of pack line challenges which have intensified since the emergence of COVID-19.

Quality is vital for leafy greens

With the demand for fresh, convenient and healthy food growing among consumers, leafy greens are the order of the day. From fresh cut to pre-washed and pre-packaged products, this is a rapidly growing market with significant potential.

How Digitalization of the Supply Chain will reduce global food waste

The scale of the global food waste problem is staggering. According to reports, 1.6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted every year, equating to a total value of $1.2 trillion being wiped from the supply chain. With one-third of the total amount of food produced globally being misused, the industry needs to look towards innovation and digitalization to combat this ever-growing trend.
Peanut sorting machine - tomra blogIMG

Resolving challenges in peanut process industry

With global peanut production huffing past the 45 million metric ton mark in 2018, according to International Nut and Dry Fruit Board, the global appetite for this unassuming ground nut has been skyrocketing. Not only have peanuts established themselves as an increasingly versatile food item in the human diet, but their consumption is distributed globally, with China producing and consuming approximately 40% of the produce.

Overcoming 5 main challenges in global almond industries


De Marchi

The De Marchi group is a standard-setter in fruit and vegetable production in Brazil and a successful exporter. This business invests in the best practices and processes to ensure safe, healthy, and tasty products. To further increase product quality, and to raise the level of automation on its processing line, the group recently acquired its first TOMRA 5B sorting and grading machine.
Lamb Weston machine installation

steam peeling solutions

Eamonn Cullen, Market Manager Peeling at TOMRA Food, analyzes in this article the market situation and some of the challenges faced by potato processors, such as reducing food waste and energy use in the processing line, and explains how TOMRA Food addresses these issues.
Douyuan Food5


Processing many different types of frozen vegetables, this Chinese business has doubled efficiency and increased productivity by adopting two optical sorters, including the laser-equipped TOMRA 5B.
TOMRA 50 years

TOMRA celebrates50th anniversary by announcing world without waste mission

TOMRA, the global provider of advanced collection and sorting solutions, celebrates its 50th anniversary today. Each of the Group’s four divisions - Collection, Food, Recycling and Mining – marked the milestone by declaring a collective mission for the future to “transform how we all obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste.”