Pecan sorting machines

TOMRA technology has changed what’s possible sorting pecans and set new food safety standards. With our pecan nut sorters, you deliver the highest quality products to your customers by ensuring foreign materials and defective pecans never stand a chance. Our easy-to-use sorting equipment minimizes product loss to maximize yields, so you can focus on what you do best.

Every Pecan Counts™

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    You’ve never seen Pecans like this before

    Ultra-high-res lasers enable accurate and automated sorting with minimal product loss by recognizing the most subtle color differences.  
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    What’s going on inside of our Pecan sorting machines? 

    Our BSI technology evaluates individual pieces' material composition, so you get a clear picture of every nut and leave nothing to chance.   
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    Get the shell out of here

    TOMRA Pecan sorters feature the highest level of detection and rejection on all FM, including small pieces of shell.
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    Tough nut to crack 

    Our partners shared hard-to-find items and we made it easier than ever to remove worms, black spots, bug bites, and allergens from your Pecan nut line.  

Our pecan sorting solutions

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Operational costs continue to increase, and every little saving makes a difference.
Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to ensure quality is consistent and potential recalls are thing of the past.

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