TOMRA Food pineapple sorting

Pineapple sorting might be sweeter than you thought

Pineapple plants require two years of sunlight before they bear one fruit so getting the most from every piece you can is how you share some sunshine with your customers and make the most out of every pina you sort. 

Every Pineapple Counts™

  • TOMRA Food pineapple sorting

    Learning from the experts and getting better by the minute

    Our intuitive touchscreen lets operators teach the tech about individual product details with every batch you run. 
  • TOMRA Food pineapple sorting

    Consistently improving quality standards and food safety 

    Our sorters use automation to reject any FM, skin, or discolorations from your fresh and frozen Pineapples - enhancing and protecting your brand.
  • TOMRA Food pineapple sorting

    Improving throughput and your peace of mind

    Our Pineapple solutions get you more from less and allow you to place your team where they can have the biggest impact on your operation.
  • TOMRA Food service

    Remote connection is convenient and dependable

    Our support staff trains your operators to get your team up to speed and supports you from near and far. 

Our pineapple sorting solutions

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Operational costs continue to increase, and every little saving makes a difference.
Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to ensure quality is consistent and potential recalls are thing of the past.

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