TOMRA frozen French Fries sorting

Maximize your frozen french fries or frozen potato production with TOMRA's sorters and peelers

For the production of frozen french fries, wedges, cubes, slices, and hash browns, and all other frozen specialty products, we offer the industry's best peeling and sorting solutions. Our potato processing equipment optimizes manufacturing processes to achieve the highest product quality with the lowest product loss, whatever the incoming defect level.

Every Frozen Potato Product counts™

  • FPP-KB-1y

    The best potato sorting solutions

    Our optical sorters remove foreign materials and product defects from unwashed and washed potatoes, and can sort to length french fries.
  • FPP-KB-2

    Maximize yields with our potato processing equipment

    The Sort-to-Spec and Smart Ejection features on the TOMRA 5B further enhance product quality and good-in-bad performance, maximizing yield for your frozen potato production.
  • FPP-KB-3

    Complete solutions for the potato peeling line

    TOMRA’s Peel Control Module automatically adjusts steam time for minimal product waste and energy usage, reducing peel loss to all-time lows.
  • TOMRA Insight

    Turn data into profit

    When optical sorters are connected to the TOMRA Insight data platform, operators can improve line efficiencies via the easy-to-use TOMRA ACT interface.

Our frozen potato products solutions

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